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  • After the Midterms, Party Strategies Are Set

    Democrats should now know whether to take a hard line or appeal to the center in 2020.

  • The Bronx: socialist ground zero

    The Bronx will be a�guinea pig�for how socialist policies do nothing to help the middle class and poor.�
  • A Better China Trade Strategy

    The U.S. hits a Chinese company for allegedly stealing Micron’s secrets.

  • WhatsApp expands monetisation strategy

    WhatsApp Status, a feature similiar to Instagram Stories which lets users put up pictures and ... The post WhatsApp expands monetisation strategy appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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  • Testing Trump's Iran strategy

    On Nov. 6, Americans will go to the polls in midterm elections that are likely to reshape the complexion of national politics. But even before they do, U.S. foreign policy will face a crucial test of resolve vis-a-vis the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. Back in May, President Trump ...
  • Zero Hour for the Islamic Republic

    The time has come for the world to unite against Iran’s regime.

  • The Republican Strategy? Fear and Lies

    With two weeks to go, the midterms have reached peak shamelessness
  • Do The Democrats Actually Have a Midterm Strategy?

    These are not the tactics of a winning team. These are the insane rampages that turn voters off. The post Do The Democrats Actually Have a Midterm Strategy? appeared first on RedState.

  • Steelers RB Bell a no-show again

    The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to team headquarters Monday morning after their Week 7 bye, again with no sign of disgruntled holdout running back Le'Veon...

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  • GOP Strategy Post Midterm Elections

    The GOP has named its new leadership this week, and they are defining a new strategy in the Democratic- led House. Jonah Goldberg of the National Review weighs in on the GOP strategy in this new era.
  • The World Should Back Trump's Strategy on Iran

    Emily B. Landau Security, Middle East The JCPOA has not engendered a more moderate stance on the part of the Islamic regime, which has become more aggressive in the pursuit of its regional aspirations across the Middle East. The round of sanctions slapped on Iran in early November—targeting the oil and energy sectors, banks and shipping companies—are the latest step in the pressure campaign that the Trump administration has been mounting on Iran since it came into office in early 2017, and...

    The National Interest
  • EE lays out 5G launch strategy

    BT consumer CEO Marc Allera (pictured, left) expressed confidence the UK will emerge at the ... The post EE lays out 5G launch strategy appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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  • The success — and cost — of Trump's midterm strategy

    President Trump focused his time and energy on the campaign trail stumping for Republican Senate candidates he believed would further his "America First" agenda in Congress. It worked — but it may have cost the party its control of the House and torpedoed a chance to expand the president's base.

    Washington Examiner
  • Panthers waive veteran RB Anderson

    The Carolina Panthers waived running back C.J. Anderson on Monday, giving the veteran the opportunity to latch on with a new team ahead of Week 11.Signed to...

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  • Game strategy guide publisher Prima is no more

    Gamers of a certain age remember what it was like to walk into Game Stop or Electronics Boutique, pick a game, then be tempted by the siren call of a Prima guide at the front counter. Before the Internet offered walk-through videos Twitch streams and online guides, the guides churned out by Prima were one of the best ways to enrich/ruin your gaming experience with all of the hacks, loot locations and maps required to play every game in your library from soup to nuts. Sadly, after years of...

    Boing Boing
  • ECB has long had concerns about Commerzbank strategy

    FRANKFURT, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Supervisors at the European Central Bank have long been concerned about Commerzbank's strategy, but a planned on-site...

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  • Eight steps to a stronger cybersecurity strategy

    If there's an attack on the country, the military mobilizes. When a natural disaster strikes, recovery plans go into effect. Should an infectious disease start to spread, health officials launch a containment strategy.
  • Eagles RB Sproles injures hamstring

    Eagles running back Darren Sproles, set to return from a hamstring injury for the first time since Week 1, was sidelined during Wednesday's practice by ...

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