Zimbabwe Headlines

  • Battling tokenism: Zimbabwe's female politicians pin hopes on polls

    In July’s crucial election – the first since the fall of Mugabe – women hope to deliver a decisive blow against sexism Women in Zimbabwe are hoping for a political breakthrough in the forthcoming elections, despite a “hostile atmosphere” and “resistance” from male politicians. The election next month will be the first since the fall of Robert Mugabe, the 94-year-old who ruled for almost four decades, and is one of the most important in the country’s turbulent history. Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Botswana notifies WTO of foot and mouth disease outbreak

    GENEVA (Reuters) - Botswana notified its trading partners on Tuesday of a suspected outbreak of foot and mouth disease in cattle in its Ngamiland district and said it had banned meat exports from the area, adding there was no impact on exports to the European Union.

  • A record-breaking 23 people want to be the next president of Zimbabwe

    This is the highest number of candidates in an election since the southern African country gained independence from the U.K. in 1980.

  • Zimbabwe Cricket assures player salaries by July 25

    Players said to be unhappy with proposed plan, will "review availability for selection" till assurances are met

  • 'We have a new chance': Zimbabwe gears up for elections after Mugabe

    Opposition says country still lives under dictatorship but relatively peaceful election campaign gives some hope of change The president and his wife drive slowly across the dusty sports ground, preceded by a pickup full of local reporters, flanked by a crowd of excited teenagers, and followed by a large cloud of dust. Banners are held aloft, flags waved. Zimbabwe’s election campaign has reached Chegutu, a small agricultural town on the high, flat uplands 70 miles west of Harare. Continue...

    the Guardian
  • Donkeys stolen, skinned in Africa to feed Chinese demand

    From Kenya to Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe to Nigeria, agents are seeking to feed China’s insatiable appetite for a gelatin made from stewed donkey skins that purports to provide health benefits.

    Washington Post