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  • This Is Why I Wrote The Money Diaries Book

    Four years ago this summer, I wrote a story about how my husband, Ken, and I saved $100,000 to buy an apartment in New York City. In it, I shared intimate anecdotes from my relationship, including Ken's penchant for peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly, that was deemed "an unnecessary expense") and how we never, ever go to brunch (still don't). I put the reality (and details) of my spending and saving habits out in the open. Little did I know when I published that article that I was tapping into a...

  • Trustees 'alone in dark with our money'

    Australia's $2.6 trillion superannuation industry is operating in darkness with no dedicated regulator watching the trustees running the funds, a royal...

    Mail Online
  • Feature: The future of mobile money

    At this year’s GSMA Mobile 360 Africa, Mobile World Live spoke to executives from across ... The post Feature: The future of mobile money appeared first on Mobile World Live.

    Mobile World Live
  • How to save money on midgrade gas

    Need midgrade gas? Save money by blending your own.

  • 5 Fall Trends That Aren't Worth Your Money

    These five fall trends definitely had a moment, but they're not worth your money this season. Take a look at them here.

    Who What Wear
  • 5 Fall Trends That Aren't Worth Your Money

    These five fall trends definitely had a moment, but they're not worth your money this season. Take a look at them here.

    Who What Wear
  • Six charged over tobacco and dirty money

    Six Chinese nationals have been charged with importing 2.5 million illegal cigarettes and laundering at least $11 million of dirty money in just six...

    Mail Online
  • Why No Amount of Money Can Guarantee Success

    There is no set recipe for success.

  • Senators argue territories euthanasia bill

    WHAT SENATORS ARE SAYING IN THE TERRITORIES' RIGHTS ON EUTHANASAIA DEBATEFOR:"We would not subject animals to the agony and pain that victims of mesothelioma...

    Mail Online
  • Are Cryptocurrencies the New Money Laundering Frontier?

    Scott B. MacDonald Security, Americas Cryptocurrencies are made to avoid government controls, which makes it easy for a corrupt portion of society to capitalize on their money-laundering potential. Where would international crime be without money laundering? The quick answer is that criminals would have their ill-gotten gains stuck in one economy, those profits would be unable to be converted into legal tender and assets, and they would be less powerful and wealthy. Without the ability to...

    The National Interest
  • When spending my money, I try to 'buy black'

    I buy black, seeking to circulate the black dollar in our communities to help create a flowing economic river.

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Q&A With The Money Diarist Living On Disability

    Yesterday, we published the Money Diary of a woman living on disability in St. Paul, MN. In it, she talks about the reality of living with severe trauma and the subsequent difficulty of everyday tasks like going to Target. Being on disability, coupled with the fact that her husband is in school and can only work part-time night shifts, puts a huge financial strain on her family. And yet, the OP doesn't let these limitations get in the way of providing for her children — whom she signs up for...

  • and could even be argued as one of the best versions

    Credit where credit is due: Square Enix has done right by Chrono Trigger for its PC release. Praise is deserved. Back in March, I went to town on the then-new PC re-release of classic Japanese RPG Chrono Trigger. Honestly, I was furious – I regard Chrono Trigger as one of Square’s most important games, one […] The post Chrono Trigger on PC has been rescued from disaster – and could even be argued as one of the best versions appeared first on VG247.

  • Eyeing big money in Nigerian music

    Global music firms are seeing the money-making potential of Afrobeats stars.

    BBC News
  • Money launderers could see sentences lengthened

    Prosecutors could refer unduly lenient sentences to the Court of Appeal under proposals published by the Justice Department.

    Mail Online
  • Your Money Habits, As Explained By Your Zodiac Sign

    The way we spend money unearths a lot about us: taste, values, aspirations, culture, creature comforts, guilty pleasures, priorities. But most of all, it reveals our habits, the little behavioral choices that make us who we are. Plenty of these behaviors are inherited from our upbringing and shaped by our current financial realities, but our zodiac signs also have a surprising amount of influence on how often we're swiping that card. As part of its 2018 Credit Outlook survey, Chase Slate...

  • Former senator argues for case to reopen

    Disqualified senator Rod Culleton has asked the High Court to go to the video referee in a bid to have his case to stay in parliament reopened.His barrister,...

    Mail Online
  • Money to help Trump immigrants rejected

    A software company criticised for working with US Border Control has a donation to a refugee charity rejected.

    BBC News