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  • 12 Vulnerable Stocks to Watch on Market-Wide Weakness

    Several companies that have been red-hot over the past few months have suddenly become stocks to watch for all the wrong reasons. Stocks do suffer setbacks from time to time. Too many investors have forgotten it, largely thanks to the market's mostly unfettered advance since 2016. But we caught a brief glimpse of that reality in early 2018, when the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index fell roughly 10% from its peak. The bigger-picture backdrop was so overwhelmingly bullish, however, that...
  • The Bear Market Drought Spoiled Us

    A nearly 10-year drought since the last bear market has left investors a little lazy and distorted our views of how stocks historically perform.
  • Investors: Don’t Fret the Hindenburg Omen

    Financial media is increasingly worrying about the Hindenburg Omen, which supposedly can signal a bear market. But before you panic, read this.
  • The Case for Keeping Some Cash

    For the first time in years, cash accounts are competitive with yields on many classes of bonds and blue-chip stocks.
  • With the Market at Its Peak, Should You Wait to Invest?

    No one wants to buy high, right? But how long do you wait for the "low" to land? Here's a hint: You don't. Sitting on the sidelines isn't the way to go.