bear market Headlines

  • Avoid the Buy-High, Sell-Low Trap

    The stock market's volatility is whipping up problems for panicky investors who get cowed into following the herd.
  • Living on Your Investments? What Happens When a Bear Market Hits?

    Investors are often told to "stay the course" even as stock markets go through tough times. However, if you're retired, that advice could put your nest egg in jeopardy.
  • 10 Stable Stocks to Buy Now for a Wobbly Market

    The past several weeks have been frustrating for investors. While an eight-day win streak for the Dow Jones Industrial Average showed we're clearly not in the throes of a bear market, things largely still aren't very bullish, either. We're still in the midst of a garden-variety correction, and as many traders have been reminded, corrections are a process rather than a short-lived event. The current process might not be completed just yet. Indeed, after an incredible unfettered runup over the...