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  • This sell-off isn't the start of a bear market, analysts say

    Experts say that the U.S. economy is still looking healthy, and there are no signs of excessive market conditions that normally precede a recession.

  • The 10 best places in the world to see a bear

    rom the rare sun bears of Borneo to the rainforest in Canada that's home to 15,000 grizzlies, here are the top ten best places to venture if you can want to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.

    The Telegraph
  • These Are The US Cities With The Best And Worst Job Markets

    The market took Friday's jobs print pretty hard, with interest rates resuming their surge and hitting stocks. But the hurricane-affected data had a few highlights - namely the unemployment figure, which slid to 3.7%, below consensus estimates and on par with the Fed's year-end forecast. That level also happened to be the lowest unemployment print in 48 years. In short, the American economy, which is strengthening thanks to the combination of Trump's tax cuts and his expanded deficit spending,...

    Zero Hedge
  • These are the 7 best RVs on the market for under $150,000

    Recreational Vehicles, or RVs, are among the enduring symbols of Americana and form an important part of the nation's identity, one akin to apple pie and baseball.  The RV, sometimes also called motorhomes, has been the subject of numerous films and books since its debut in the 1920s. There are actually three classes of RVs—A, B, and C—with Class A being the largest and most luxurious.  RVs span across a broad range of prices. Most fall between $60,000 and $200,000, but some can go for as much...

    Business Insider
  • Here are the metro areas with the best and worst job markets

    Of the 20 metro areas with the tightest job markets – where unemployment rates are roughly half the national average or less – only five are in coastal states, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Balyasny Shutters His "Best Ideas" Hedge Fund

    While the S&P may be trading just shy of its all time highs, hedge funds are having another miserable year, and according to HFRX, as of today, the average equity hedge fund was not only down on the year, but the performance was at 2018 lows. Of course, this is hardly news in a time when the "2 and 20" crowd has had an acute difficult generating alpha, resulting in almost daily reports of prominent hedge funds shuttering. Case in point, yesterday Reuters reported that the once-iconic...

    Zero Hedge
  • 5 Best Actively Managed Vanguard Funds

    Vanguard funds have become synonymous with index investing. But if you limit yourself to the firm's passive strategies, you'll miss some gems. Indeed, Vanguard fund managers actually invest more of their own money in the firm's actively managed funds than in their index funds. Vanguard has such good actively managed funds for two major reasons. One, because Vanguard is owned by its mutual fund shareholders, it has no outside owners to pay -- and thus can keep its fees lower than most other fund...
  • The bear market was predictable — but Trump is stoking recession fears

    If President Trump overreacts like Chicken Little, he could turn trouble into full-blown catastrophe.

    Washington Examiner
  • Gartman: "A Global Bear Market Of Some Very Real Consequence Is Developing"

    In retrospect, the bond rout which sent 10Y Treasury yields to the highest level since 2011 should have been obvious - after all just over a week ago, Dennis Gartman decided to go long "bonds and bond-link funds" in his retirement account, in addition to gold. Alas, as so often happens, it didn't turn out quite as expected, and as the world-renowned commodity guru writes in his note today, half of his bond holdings are now history": In our retirement account, we did take some action yesterday...

    Zero Hedge
  • 10 magical tours to the world's best Christmas markets

    here's no denying that it has started to feel a touch more wintry this week and thoughts are starting to turn (yes, already) to Christmas. If you can't wait to get out, load up on goodies and blow the budget, here are some of the ultimate festive shopping trips from across the globe.

    The Telegraph
  • Homebuilders Hammered Into Bear Market As Mortgage Rates Top 5%

    For the first time since Feb 2011, US 30Y mortgage rates have topped 5.0%, according to Mortgage News Daily. As CNBC reports, the average rate on the 30-year fixed loan sat just below 4% a year ago, after dropping below 3.5% in 2016. It just crossed the 5% mark. That is the first time in eight years, and it is poised to move higher. Five percent may still be historically cheap, but higher rates, combined with other challenges facing today's housing market could cause potential buyers to pull...

    Zero Hedge
  • Tell us what you think: Are we entering the beginning of a bear market for bonds?

    The yield on the benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury note jumped to a 7-year high on Friday after jobs data showed unemployment stateside was at its lowest levels since 1969.

  • Cramer: Beware the bears' warnings on global markets—they could lead you astray

    Jim Cramer warns investors not to take market pessimists too seriously when they warn that financial trouble overseas could affect U.S. stocks.

  • AMD tumbles into a bear market before getting upgraded at Moody's (AMD)

    AMD tumbled into a bear market on Wednesday, a day after a research report said it sees a possible end in sight to Intel's chip-making struggles. Later Wednesday, Moody's upgraded AMD's debt and outlook, citing growth in its PC segment as well as graphics cards and server chips. Follow AMD's stock price in real-time here.  The credit-rating agency Moody's upgraded Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Wednesday, citing strength in gaming consoles like Xbox an PlayStation, even as the stock tumbled...

    Business Insider
  • Trump May Scapegoat the Fed, But a Bear Market This Year Will Belong to Him

    Fair or not, presidents are rated by how the stock market performed during their terms.

  • The bitcoin market is cratering — but crypto hedge funds launches are soaring this year

    Although the crypto market has had a tough run so far this year, crypto hedge fund launches are on pace for a record high in 2018, according to a new report.  About 600 hedge funds are set to launch this year, and 20% of them will be crypto-focused. But while interest in crypto hedge funds is picking up, the value of assets managed by those funds is still meager, standing at less than $4 billion. While the crypto market has had a tough run this year, the number of new crypto hedge funds is...

    Business Insider
  • Mark Potash: Analyzing the best and worst of the Bears after their 3-1 start

    Things change quickly in the NFL, but the Bears’ fortunes arguably are better than anytime since playing in the NFC Championship Game in 2010.

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Patrick Finley: Analyzing the best and worst of the Bears after their 3-1 start

    A quarter into the season, Sun-Times expert Patrick Finley examines the 3-1 Bears as they head out of their bye week:

    Chicago Sun-Times