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  • Big Tech’s Big Data Means Big Money

    Still at top of mind for many is last week’s Facebook Edition of Congressional Oversight Theatre. Where our elected officials pretend to do something about something – by holding hearings. During which they look and sound very outraged at the latest outrage. They create soundbites and press releases they can send back home – to prove to their districts that they are doing something about | Read More

  • The Big Question: Who speaks for the White House on foreign policy?

    U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is at odds with the White house, and Mike Pompeo is currently unconfirmed as Secretary of State. Who can be trusted to speak for this administration?

    NBC News
  • White House downplays big drop in stock market

    The White House downplayed the huge drop in the stock market Friday, saying President Trump's tough trade policy for China would pay off in the long term. The Dow Jones industrial average had plummeted more than 700 points, or 3 percent, on fears of a trade war after Mr. Trump ...
  • 'Big dogs with big teeth'

    To the people of Vilankulo on the coast of Mozambique, the Retzlaffs' horses were a new proposition.

  • Big Salads With A Big Personality!

    Big A*$ Salads
  • White Privilege for White Coats

    Australia’s nurses and midwives get a new PC code of conduct.