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  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead is stylish in black gown with big white flowers at All About Nina screening

    Winstead, 33, wore her dark hair swept back from her forehead and accessorized with stunning dangly diamond earrings.

    Mail Online
  • Madam Secretary Premiere: Téa Leoni, EP Break Down That Deadly White House Attack, Hillary Clinton's Big Visit

    You sure you want a seat at the Resolute Desk, Elizabeth? It would be natural for Madam Secretary‘s protagonist to think twice about her unannounced Oval Office dreams, given that that very room was the site of a lethal act of terrorism in the CBS series’ Season 5 premiere. The episode opened with the attack, which took […]

  • Alex Jones: Trump needs to surround the White House with APCs “with big guns” and missile batteries manned by Trump loyalists to ward off deep state coup

    ALEX JONES (HOST): We just went to the top of the mountain. Now we’re not over the hump yet, but were about to go over the hump. You can feel it, the enemy is absolutely in panic mode. But I’m telling you, they’re desperate criminals that have had power for decades and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t wheel a giant truck bomb into the White House while the president’s there and just kill everybody in it, if they can. In fact, if I was the president -- because we have the deep state and its...

    Media Matters for America
  • Big Labor Spends Big on Dems

    Blue-collar union members, leaders have vastly different voting habits
  • Big Labor Drops Big Dollars on Dems

    Big Labor is dropping big money on the 2018 elections despite their own rhetoric about outside spending. Unions represent 12 of the top 25 largest outside spending organizations in the 2018 midterm elections. Two of the three highest institutional outside spenders are labor groups, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The Carpenters and Joiners Union tops the list having spent $23.8 million on the midterm elections. Nearly all of that money has gone to aid Democratic congressional...

    Washington Free Beacon
  • Big receivers making the big plays for No. 9 Texas

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Facing third-and-long, Lil'Jordan Humphrey caught a quick pass on a play designed to get Texas a few yards. Then came a load of Longhorns teammates. Next came the surge. With his legs churning and Texas pushing, Humphrey and the Longhorns moved the pile another 10 yards. ...
  • Big receivers making the big plays for No. 9 Texas

    Facing third-and-long, Lil'Jordan Humphrey caught a quick pass on a play designed to get Texas a few yards. Then came a load of Longhorns teammates. Next came the surge. With … Click to Continue

  • The Deuce Lands Big Laughs in the Endearing "What Big Ideas"

    "The Deuce" lets deadpan reign in its fourth episode of the season, directed by the always stellar Uta Briesewitz.
  • The White House press room is overwhelmingly white. Does that matter?

    Critics raise an eyebrow about the racial representation of those on journalism’s most visible beat.
  • iPhone XS Max first impressions: It's big, but not too big

    Does the biggest iPhone ever make a good first impression? Let's look.

  • Dell UltraSharp 49 is a big monitor matched by a big price

    Too bad, because it could be really convenient for a lot of us.

  • The Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is a big watch for big adventures

    The Casio Rangeman GPR-B1000 is comically large. That’s the first thing you notice about it. Based on the G-Shock design, this massive watch is 20.2mm thick and about 60mm in diameter, a true dinner plate of a watch. Inside the heavy case is a dense collection of features that will make your next outdoor adventure […]

  • New Sanders bill: If a bank is too big to fail, it's too big to exist

    In 2008, the Bush and Obama administrations both argued that they had a duty to transfer more than $700,000,000 of American taxpayers' money to the largest banks in the country, because these banks were "too big to fail" and allowing them to collapse would do much more harm than a mere $0.7 trillion subsidy. But of course, that wasn't their only option. As Matt Taibbi argued persuasively in his brilliant history of the crisis and its aftermath, The Divide, a bank that is on the verge of...

    Boing Boing
  • Ben Shapiro: "White men are presumed guilty because they are white men"

    BEN SHAPIRO: I mean, it is kind of shocking to say that due process should not apply to men. That is the essence of sexism, the idea that certain rules should not apply to people on the basis of their genetics. That's obviously discrimination of the highest order, but this is the world in which we now live in, in which white men are presumed guilty because they are white men, because they are supposedly in a position of privilege. I wasn't aware that Brett Kavanaugh forfeited his presumption of...

    Media Matters for America
  • Big workload leads to big production for OSU's Justice Hill

    STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) - Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy limited running back Justice Hill's workload during the first four games to keep the dynamic playmaker fresh for the heart of the Big 12 schedule. Hill had just 46 carries before Saturday's 48-28 victory over Kansas, when his workload increased significantly. ...
  • Big cameras and big rivalries take center stage at Photokina

    Photokina is underway in London and the theme of the show is "large." Unusually for an industry that is trending towards the compact, the cameras on stage at this show sport big sensors, big lenses, and big price tags. But though they may not be for the average shooter, these cameras are impressive pieces of hardware that hint at things to come for the industry as a whole.

  • The Big Bang Theory Recap: Yin and Yang of The Big Bang

    A continuation of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding celebration would have been a good way to open this final season of The Big Bang Theory. I’m still disappointed we didn’t get to see which of Sheldon’s pop-culture obsessions inspired the wedding cake, how many single wedding guests Raj tried to scope ... More

  • 'OK to be white': Australian government senators condemn 'anti-white racism'

    Coalition back One Nation motion, but opposition and crossbenchers vote it down The Australian Senate has narrowly voted down a motion condemning “anti-white racism”, despite government senators voting for the controversial statement echoing alt-right rhetoric. On Monday the Senate voted 31 to 28 to reject a motion put by Pauline Hanson – the leader of the anti-immigrant nativist One Nation party – which acknowledged the “deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation”...

    the Guardian