changes to federal tax code 2018 Headlines

  • The new tax code changes retirement saving

    The tax code imposes certain limits — and opportunities — for your retirement saving.

  • Inheritance tax: what is the limit and how has it changed?

    The taxman collected more in inheritance tax last year than even before, raking in £5.

    The Telegraph
  • Why 2018 Is the Year That Changed Hollywood

    "This is more than a movie, it's a movement." That's how director Jon M. Chu has taken to describing his upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians. And while it's a lot to ask...

    E! Online
  • On the Adweek Podcast: The Ad That Changed 2018

    Last week Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad dominated the national discussion, sparking both outrage and praise online. So of course we had to dissect every aspect of it on the podcast. On this week's episode of Yeah, That's Probably an Ad, we're joined by senior creative editor Doug Zanger, TV/media editor Jason Lynch and staff writer...

  • Evolutionary changes in the genetic code of yeasts

    Yeasts are some of the most important microbes used in biotechnology. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the type of yeast used for making bread and beer, is just one representative of more than 1,500 yeast species found around the world. Currently, only a fraction of these yeasts has been harnessed for biotechnological applications. However, researchers studying various "non-conventional" yeast species aim to capitalize on yeast physiology and genetic features to drive biotechnology. In the future,...
  • Federal Tax System Becoming More Progressive: Report

    Michael RaineySeptember 19, 2018The U.S. tax system has become more progressive in recent years, says Eric Toder of the Tax Policy Center, thanks...

    The Fiscal Times