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  • Craig Gilbert Goes With The FLOW

    What do a Tyrannosaurus Rex carrying a Hobbit in its mouth, a lederhosen-wearing man and his pregnant wife standing outside their trailer with a three-legged dog, and a bunch of big eyed ducklings sliding down a rainbow emitting from a unicorn’s backside have in common? Well, they actually have three things in common. First, they are all characters from New England Brewing Company’s beer labels. Second, they are all on display at an art show at Kehler Liddell Gallery that premieres this...

    New Haven Independent
  • How could Iran disrupt Gulf oil flows?

    The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said last week that Tehran would block all exports through the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf if countries heed U.S. calls to stop buying Iranian oil from November.

  • Baby found alive buried under debris

    A 5-month-old infant who miraculously survived more than nine hours being buried under a pile of sticks and debris in the woods of western Montana suffered only minor injuries despite wearing wet and soiled clothes in cold weather, authorities said.

  • Baby survives being buried under debris in woodland for more than...

    The five-month-old was found face down under a pile of sticks and debris, dressed only in a wet and soiled onesie.

    Mail Online
  • How to Animate Flowing Hair in Toon Boom

    What You'll Be Creating In this tutorial, you'll learn how to animate your character's hair frame by frame. Using Toon Boom, you'll see how you can give a wind-blown effect to your artwork! 1. How Hair Moves Imagine hair being blown in the wind. You can't see the wind, but you are able to tell how strong it is and which direction it is blowing by the movement of the hair. In animating hair, imagine that the wind forces are circles moving along either side of the hair. Imagine that the circles on...

    Design & Illustration Envato Tuts+
  • “Blind” Robot Advances Up Stairs, Over Debris

    Can handle unexpected obstacles while moving fast