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  • How to identify human trafficking while traveling

    Among the signs are large groups who are seemingly organized by one person, who are often silent and who don't handle their own money. The post How to identify human trafficking while traveling appeared first on WTOP.

  • Cory Booker’s latest sad stunt

    It’s apparently not “mansplaining” when a liberal guy silences a female Trump appointee. At least, that’s one takeaway from Sen. Cory Booker’s lecture to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The Jersey Democrat was theoretically questioning her at a Tuesday hearing on immigration reform, but he was too busy thundering that “he hurt” and had “tears...

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  • Feds crack down on birth tourism at ‘maternity hotels’

    Federal Homeland Security agents raided 20 alleged “maternity hotels” in Southern California where pregnant Chinese women pay tens of thousands of dollars to live to ensure a “made in America” baby, reports said. The feds raided locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties on Tuesday, targeting three competing birth tourism schemes, officials told...

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  • Immigration agents raid dozens of 7-Eleven stores

    LOS ANGELES — U.S. immigration agents descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores before dawn Wednesday to open employment audits and interview workers in what officials described as the largest operation against an employer under Donald Trump’s presidency. Agents targeted about 100 stores nationwide, broadening an investigation that began with a 4-year-old case against a franchisee...

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  • Federal Court Orders Trump Administration to Reinstate DACA

    A federal district court in California on Tuesday ordered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to immediately reinstate DACA, in a lawsuit brought by former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano against current DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

  • This virtual reality game lets you be a school shooter

    A virtual reality video game being developed by the U.S. Army and Homeland Security Department allows users to experience the perspective of an active school shooter. The game, Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, or EDGE for short, is intended to prepare teachers for an active shooter situation and allows them to assume different roles and experiences....

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  • New US Army video game lets players be a school shooter

    The unfortunate reality is that the United States endures more school shootings every year than any other country in the world. That being the case, the US Army along with the Department of Homeland Security has developed something of a dark reality simulation game designed to train teachers how to respond during an active shooter...

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  • Trump to end special protections for Salvadoran immigrants

    WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is ending special protections for Salvadoran immigrants, forcing nearly 200,000 to leave the country or face deportation, officials said Monday. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have lost Temporary Protected Status under President Donald Trump, and they have been, by far, the largest beneficiaries of the program, which...

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  • DHS Could End Temporary Protected Status For 200,000 Salvadoran Refugees Today

    The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to announce its decision on the El Salvador TPS program on Monday.

  • Border Agents’ Searches of Travelers’ Phones Skyrocketed, Agency Says

    The Customs and Border Protection agency searched a record number of cellphones and other devices at U.S. points of entry last year, the government said, as the administration stepped up it hunt for national-security threats and smugglers.

  • Trump Administration Moves to Protect Children, Not 'Tear Families Apart'

    The Trump Administration is reportedly considering a policy change that will protect children being endangered by illegal immigrant parents and families. Administration officials believe parents who turn their children over to cartel-connected human smugglers put them in grave danger. Left-of-center media outlets decry the policy change being discussed as one that would "tear families apart."

  • Supreme Court Tellingly Rejects Lower Court Roadblock to Elimination of DACA Program

    On Dec. 20, in an unsigned, four-page opinion, the Supreme Court struck down a lower court order that severely burdened efforts by the  Trump administration... Read More The post Supreme Court Tellingly Rejects Lower Court Roadblock to Elimination of DACA Program appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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  • Bureau of Prisons: 1 in 5 Inmates Is Foreign-Born

    About 1 in 5 inmates in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody is foreign-born, a Department of Justice (DOJ) report reveals.