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  • Senate GOP is pushing through Trump’s judicial nominees

    Senate Republicans, still furious over Democrats’ smearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, have been barreling ahead and confirming President Trump’s judicial nominees at a historically fast pace. With 84 of his judges already confirmed — 29 of them at the appellate level, a record number for the first two years of a presidential administration...

    New York Post
  • Trump visits areas devastated by wildfires in California

    Three youngsters wearing breathing masks and holding a large US flag welcomed President Trump to Northern California as the state continued to reel from deadly fires Saturday. The commander-in-chief was driving through their town of Chico on his way to the destroyed town of Paradise. He called firefighters “unbelievably brave” and sought to sound an...

    New York Post
  • Donald Trump says Finland doesn't have California wildfires problem because "they spent a lot of time on raking"

    “I was with the president of Finland," Trump said. "He called it a forest nation ... And they don't have any problem."

  • Threat of violence at home spurs LGBT migrants on to the border

    A group of LGBT people arrived in Tijuana and said they will seek asylum.

    ABC News
  • Trump invites Florida attorney general join administration

    President Donald Trump says he would "love" Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to join his administration. Trump made the comments Saturday on his departure from the White House for a trip to California. There has been speculation Trump might consider her to replace the recently ousted Jeff Sessions as attorney general, but the president has not said that. Bondi was an early supporter of Trump's presidential campaign. Her term as attorney general ends in January. Trump said he would "consider...

  • Trump casts doubt on NYT report about Mike Pence’s loyalty

    President Trump pushed back on what he called a “phony story” that he harbors doubts about Vice President Mike Pence’s loyalty. “The New York Times did a phony story, as usual, about my relationship with @VP Mike Pence. They made up sources and refused to ask me, the only one that would know, for a...

    New York Post