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  • Bad heart? Don’t forget your flu shot

    The flu vaccine may have an important benefit beyond protecting against influenza: It may also prevent heart attacks, especially in those at high risk, experts say. “It’s been a long time that people have recognized that association with flu season and development of a heart attack,” said Dr. Kevin Schwartz, an infectious disease physician at Public Health Ontario. When it comes to preventing heart attacks in people with cardiovascular problems, experts have put getting the flu vaccine on par...

  • What’s the Best Way to Make Sure You Get Sleep When You Have the Flu?

    Catching Z’s when you’re fighting chills, headaches and coughs is no easy thing. One expert offers tips on how to help your body recover from the flu or even just a bad cold.

  • Flu vaccine: Will it work better next season?

    Flu season isn’t over yet, but the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that in less than two weeks they will be putting together a panel of experts to help select strains for next season’s flu vaccine. The influenza virus changes or mutates every year, which makes it very...

    ABC News
  • Why the flu vaccine was a flop: It depends too much on immune history

    The flu shot's effectiveness depends more on your personal immune history than on how much it mutated in production, Harvard University and University of Chicago research suggests.

    Mail Online
  • WATCH: 3rd New Jersey child dies from flu-related symptoms

    A student from Elizabeth, New Jersey, has died after suffering from flu-like symptoms, according to officials.

    ABC News
  • WATCH: Increasing number of children killed by flu epidemic

    The CDC has an update showing an increase in the number of children who have died due to the flu virus.

    ABC News