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  • Nikki Bella Gets Cold Feet in Dramatic Total Bellas Supertease: "Sometimes I Wish I Wasn't Even Getting Married"

    The Bellas are back! Total Bellas is coming back with a vengeance this Sunday (May 20). Since we last saw them, the sisters have had a lot of major changes in their lives and you're...
  • You Get a Job! And You Get a Job! And You Get a Job!

    Progressive lawmakers—several of whom are eyeing 2020 presidential bids—are increasingly embracing sweeping guaranteed jobs proposals. But many of their Democratic colleagues remain hesitant to offer a full-throated endorsement of the concept.

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  • Why are millennials still getting married?

    There are plenty of reasons not to get hitched – but for Bridie Jabour’s generation, the institution still holds sway. Even if they can’t articulate why • Sign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning When I was a teenager I used to declare that “marriage is an empty constitution”. I had misheard someone say “institution” once and, thinking it sounded grand and clever, I repeated the phrase ad nauseam for years. Then I hit my mid-20s and the wedding invites started...

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  • Getting married? Let’s talk about money

    If there is one statistic that does not lose its ability to scare, it's how many marriages end in divorce. "About half" is thrown about often, if a bit loosely. Research has added nuance to that figure. Factors like age, education, and socioeconomic status contribute to reducing the likelihood of divorce. So, too, does the number of marriages: First marriages are less likely to end in divorce than third marriages. Still, the numbers do not fill a young (or old) heart with joy. ...

  • Meghan Markle Gets MARRIED In ‘Suits’ Finale

    Meghan Markle Gets MARRIED In ‘Suits’ Finale (Us Weekly) See Hollywood’s Hottest Red Heads! (OK! Magazine) Kylie Jenner Flaunts Tiny Waistline Months After Giving Birth To Baby Stormi (Star Magazine) Angelina Livid Over Brad’s Steamy New Romance (National Enquirer)

  • I've been in a relationship for 9 years — here's why I couldn't care less about getting married

    Kali Bovoric I've been in a relationship for nine years and don't care about marriage. I love my boyfriend, but getting married is not the most important thing to me. There are things in a relationship that I value more than getting a ring. My boyfriend and I were 10 years old when we first met and 16 when we started dating. We have tackled our teens together, are halfway through our twenties, and have plenty more years to come together. The storybook ending includes a ring, white dress, and...

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