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  • Weed Killer in Your Cereal? Maybe, But Don't Panic

    Social media feeds have been swamped by news that the advocacy organization Environmental Working Group found traces of the pesticide glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, in certain popular breakfast cereals like Cheerios. While the headlines have alarmed parents, there are several reasons not to panic, NBC News reported. Research by the EWG, which actively campaigns against glyphosate, was not published in a peer-reviewed journal, the amounts found were far below the allowable limits,...
  • Don't worry, your cereal probably won't poison you with pesticides

    It may seem like an alarmist local news story to declare your breakfast could kill you, but a new independent study claims that some of your favorite cereals could contain unsafe levels of a chemical used in a popular weed killer. The report, from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), was published online Wednesday and outlines the levels of the chemical glyphosate they found in various breakfast cereals and snacks.  Glyphosate is the major ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp and one at the...

  • Birth control app highlights emerging health tech market

    LONDON (AP) - The condom, the pill and now, the smartphone?Natural Cycles, a mobile fertility app, this month became the first ever digital contraceptive...

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  • Tegan Martin rants about how health 'misinformation' is 'dangerous'

    Model Tegan Martin has gone on a bizarre rant about how health "misinformation" is dangerous to society.

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  • Colombian health official advises abstaining from sex in order to combat 40-degrees heatwave

    Julio Salas, Santa Marta's local health secretary, announced his eyebrow-raising advice on Thursday as the mercury nudged 40 degrees celsius.

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  • Electric cars boost economy and health

    The mining sector and the health of Australians stand to benefit from more electric vehicles on the market, a Senate committee has heard.Doctors for the...

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