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  • I'm 32, I Make $57K & I Pay Off $900 In Credit Card Debt Per Month

    Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar. We're going on book tour for our new book, Money Diaries: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Your Finances... and Everyone Else's. Next stop: Brooklyn on Thursday, October 18! This event is free, but you can RSVP here! Calling all entrepreneurs: We...

  • Hayden’s New Man Admits He ‘Hijacks’ Her Credit Card After He Was Sued For Debt

    Hayden Panettiere’s new boyfriend is money hungry – and RadarOnline.com has learned it’s the actress’s money he’s after!  In a shocking new confession to his Instagram story, Brian Hickerson, 34, admitted that when Panettiere is sleeping, he steals her credit card to pay for things he wants!  “When my girlfriend is sleeping, I hijack the Read More

  • Provident sees progress for credit card, home credit arms

    Oct 19 (Reuters) - Sub-prime lender Provident Financial said on Friday its credit card business was on track to deliver full-year profits in line with an...

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  • US Consumer Credit Hits All Time High As Credit Card Usage Jumps

    After a surprising slump in the use of revolving, i.e. credit card, debt when in the months of June and July US consumers "charged" only $639 million during the peak summer months, moments ago, the Fed reported that in August, consumer credit posted a significant rebound, rising by $20 billion, above the $15.0 billion expected, and bringing the total to a $3.94 trillion, a 6.2% annualized increase from a year ago, and a new all time high, largely on the back of a newfound love with credit...

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  • Tandem’s new credit card targets people who have non-existent credit histories

    With its regulatory woes behind it — and the acqui-hire of fintech startup Pariti — Tandem‘s product roadmap appears to be picking up pace. The challenger bank founded by Ricky Knox has launched its second credit card today, this time targeting people in the U.K. who have yet to build up a credit history at […]

  • Petal raises $34 million and launches credit card for people without credit scores

    Fintech startup Petal has raised $34 million in a round of funding from investment bank Jefferies and Silicon Valley Bank, as the New York-based startup officially launches its alternative credit card to the public. By way of a quick recap, Petal offers a credit card that doesn’t rely on traditional credit scores to qualify applicants — instead, […]

  • Petal’s no-fee credit card for the credit score-less is now open to the public

    Petal, the startup credit card company that’s offering a no-fee credit line to people without a credit history, is now publicly available. Launched earlier this year by co-founders Jason Gross, Andrew Endicott, Andrew Ehrich, and Jake Arenas, Petal has received a $34 million credit facility from Jeffries and Silicon Valley Bank to bring its consumer […]

  • Chase's Freedom Unlimited is one of the best cash-back credit cards of 2018 — and it comes with perks that many competing cards don’t offer

    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network. The Points Guy The Chase Freedom Unlimited is a compelling cash-back credit card for anyone looking to earn with a simple, easy-to-understand rewards program and no annual fee. While it is not the very best awards rate out there, it does come with some valuable benefits that competing cash-back cards don't offer. As long as you pay it off in full every...

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  • A credit card for Cebuanos

    A number of people do not like credit cards — and for good reason.

  • The Post-Election Outlook: ‘Debt, Debt and More Debt’

    Yuval RosenbergOctober 9, 2018The 2018 elections are looking like a lose-lose proposition for the U.S. bond market, according to Bloomberg’s Liz...

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  • A cheapskate's guide to shopping for credit cards

    Cheapskates and low spenders aren't the ideal credit card customers for banks because they're typically not as profitable as fast-swiping spendthrifts who...

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  • Best credit card deals for October

    Eyeing the upcoming spending season with fear? Don't panic. Here are this month's cheapest deals, whatever your circumstances

  • Tips to protect yourself from credit card skimmers

    COLUMBUS — Huntington Bank is providing consumers with tips to protect themselves from credit card skimmers. Credit card skimmers are devices that can be discretely attached to an ATM, gas pump or other payment terminal in attempt to steal information from the magnetic strip on the back of your credit or debit card. Huntington said you should always check for tampering at every card machine and ATM before using your card. They said to look for signs of tinkering, such […]

  • How to live with your first credit card's limit

    The thrill of getting approved for your first credit card might wear off - at least a little - when you see the news punctuating that congratulatory message:...

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  • Your 'Minimum Purchase' Credit Card Policy Is Dumb

    Whatever convinced you turning away sales is good business, it wasn't the math.

  • How to use your credit card perks to pay for your vacations

    Sun has some tips on how people can capitalize on their credit card perks.

  • Why your credit cards may deserve a second chance

    While paying off $1,700 in credit card debt in 2014, Jamie Griffin cut up his card. To tackle the remaining $90,000 in student loans he and his wife carried, he read personal finance experts’ tips and turned to cash and a spreadsheet to budget. Now that most of their debt is paid off, he’s giving credit cards a cautious second chance. Griffin has come to see credit cards as a way that he and his wife, Jenna, who are both […]

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  • Why your credit cards may deserve a second chance

    While paying off $1,700 in credit card debt in 2014, Jamie Griffin cut up his card. To tackle the remaining $90,000 in student loans he and his wife carried,...

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  • Why your credit cards may deserve a second chance

    If you have developed new spending habits since paying off debt, you might be a good fit for rewards credit cards.

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  • Stores and credit-card companies are in an all-out war over fees

    Retailers are hoping to quash the "honor all cards" rule that requires retailers to accept all of a network's credit cards if they accept any as a form of payment, the Wall Street Journal reported. The rule is included in contracts between Visa and Mastercard and the retailers that accept their cards. Some major retailers are arguing that the fees charged by certain premium rewards cards are getting too high to be sustainable. The conflict is one sticking point in a 13-year-old lawsuit between...

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  • No charges in probe of mayor’s credit card use

    Louisiana's Attorney General says there will be no criminal charges filed over New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell's use of a city-issued credit card when she served on the City Council. … Click to Continue

  • New Palm Smartphone Is About the Size of a Credit Card: See More

    These days smartphones continue to get bigger and bigger, with the likes of Apple and Samsung, among others, opting for designs that can barely fit in one hand. If you’re looking to free up some pocket space with a smaller device, then you may want to check out the all-new Palm smartphone. First off, Palm’s […]

  • How to protect your credit card from “tap-and-go” swipes by criminals

    Fears over contactless card fraud were reignited in South Africa earlier this year when a video showing a man tapping someone’s back pocket with a credit card terminal was shared.

  • Rewards credit cards may soon not be accepted everywhere

    Retailers like Target and Amazon have been fighting for the right to not accept certain credit cards, citing high “swipe fees” they may have to pay when rewards credit cards are used.