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  • Preventing the ‘Big Hack’

    Big tech needs to prioritize security over its bottom line.

    Washington Post
  • How did the hacking operation unfold?

    On April 10, the Russians took a taxi from a GRU base in Moscow to the city's Sheremetyevo airport. Some of their mobile phones were activated near the GRU's HQ.

    Mail Online
  • Facebook hack: What to do if you're affected

    Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg and me. And there's a good chance you, too. Welcome to a not-so-exclusive club: Facebook users who may have been affected by a major security breach. Hackers may have gained access to nearly 50 million accounts by exploiting flaws in the social network's code, Facebook said Friday. It's the largest breach in the company's history. Facebook says it has notified law enforcement officials and patched the code vulnerability that hackers exploited. A lot of questions...

  • How to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked

    The recent massive Facebook hack affected more than 50 million users, stealing their personal information including their login and passwords. This created fear among Facebook users that was then, this past week, subsequently used to create a hoax…

    The Kim Komando Show
  • How Silicon Valley Hacked the Economy

    Zack Wasserman Tech entrepreneurs like to present themselves as nerdy tinkerers—but they've been politically active since the earliest days of the microelectronics industry. The post How Silicon Valley Hacked the Economy appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Your gym stats might have been hacked

    If you have the MindBody app, it may have been hacked! Someone may know when and where your next SoulCycle class is!

  • How to see if you were affected by the Facebook hack

    Facebook said attackers gained access to more than 30 million accounts. Here's how to find out if yours was one of them.

  • How to tell if your Facebook account has been hacked

    With Facebook security a hot topic at the moment, here’s how you can tell if your Facebook account has been hacked, and all you need to know about how to protect and deactivate your account

    Mail Online
  • How to Know If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

    For the second time this year, hackers have attacked millions of Facebook accounts. The social network announced last week that about 50 million users were recently hacked. The hacking occurred because of a flaw in Facebook's "View As" feature, which allows you to see your profile as others do. Users can type in a person's...

  • The Morning After: Facebook got hacked

    Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to your weekend! We'll look into Facebook's unfortunate exposure, Photokina, Oculus Connect and other big events from this week like Google's 20th birthday.

  • Apple Apologizes for Hacked Accounts in China

    Apple says users didn't have two-factor authentication enabled.

  • Apple apologises for China account hacks

    Apple offered its deepest apologies to victims of a phishing scam in China which exploited ... The post Apple apologises for China account hacks appeared first on Mobile World Live.

    Mobile World Live
  • Facebook hack: Find out if you were affected, and what it means

    As Facebook hack details slowly emerge, here's how to tell if your account was compromised.

    Global News
  • Facebook hack: How to find out if your data has been stolen

    Around 29 million users' account details were stolen in major cyberattack
  • No ID protection for Facebook hack victims

    The social network said it would not be providing any identity theft protection services for users affected by its latest breach.

    BBC News
  • Here’s how to find out if your Facebook was hacked in the breach

    Are you one of the 30 million users hit by Facebook’s access token breach announced two weeks ago? Here’s how to find out. Facebook breach saw 15M users’ names & contact info accessed, 14M’s bios too Visit this Facebook Help center link while logged in: Scroll down to the the section “Is my Facebook account impacted […]

  • Internet Hacking Is About to Get Much Worse

    We can no longer leave online security to the market.
  • 11 Unexpected Hacks For Traveling While On A Budget

    When it comes to planning a trip, we tend to only think about the major costs: airfare and lodging. There’s just one issue: You’re going to have to spend money when you get there, too. A lot of money. Between meals, activities, transportation, and all those “gifts for other people” that you’re really going to keep for yourself, the actual cost of living while on a trip can seriously add up — especially if you’re on a budget. But traveling when you’re strapped for cash doesn’t have to mean saying...