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    You keep complaining that there are two people                inside me— the one confident, decisive, ironic;                                                                                      the other a raging cripple who never took to the nipple,                                                                                        whose life has been one long                                                                                        episode of colic. Just admit you don’t know...

    The New Republic
  • Review: The Finance Curse: How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer by Nicholas Shaxson

    Eight years ago Nick Shaxson wrote one of the best books about modern finance. Treasure Islands was an exposé of tax havens and it is even more relevant today, after the leak of the Panama Papers.
  • Welcome to Marriage, Hailey!

    I honestly can’t even read this entire account of Hailey Baldwin having to support Justin Bieber as he navigates his feelings about Selena Gomez’s emotional breakdown without feeling personally exhausted. Are you looking forward to spending the rest of your life with this, Hailey? Great! Read more...

  • Trump Family Finance

    Being Fred Trump’s son was good for business. Being President, not so much.

  • Week ahead in business and finance


    The Telegraph
  • Week ahead in business and finance


    The Telegraph