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  • Scarlett Johansson Tops ‘Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actresses 2018 List With $40.5 Million

    Scarlett Johansson is officially Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, Forbes‘ annual ranking has found. The Marvel star raked in $40.5 million in pre-tax earnings between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018. Most of this is thanks to her role as a Marvel Avenger, with her performances as the Black Widow bringing with them a sweet paycheck — this despite not […]

  • Netflix Shares the First Trailer for ‘Iron First’ Season 2

    Season two of Marvel‘s Iron First is due out in less than a month, as Netflix has today shared the first trailer for the upcoming set of episodes. This season, Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) will be taking on a new threat as he continues to defend New York City alongside Colleen Wing (played […]

  • Watch the Russo Brothers Discuss Every Hero in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

    In a video for Wired, directorial duo the Russo brothers have broken down the characteristics and power sets of every hero that appears in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. In the video above, Joe and Anthony Russo deliver numerous interesting tidbits, from how they feel about the characters themselves — Tony Stark is “flawed” yet “eminently relatable,” while the Scarlet […]

  • ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2: Final Trailer Teases a Danny vs Davos Battle of Glowing Punches

    The Steel Serpent is in the house, as the final Iron Fist Season 2 trailer teases a battle of glowing punches between Danny Rand (Finn Jones) and his former best friend-turned-rival Davos (Sacha Dhawan). Danny is busy on many fronts though, not only defending his position as the Immortal Iron Fist, but protecting the city at night as a vigilante while running Rand Enterprises during the day (and finding time to date Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing in between it all). The second season looks like...

  • Disney Remains Firm: James Gunn Will Not Return for 'Guardians 3'

    The Mouse has spoken: all of the fans and franchise actors will say "Save James Gunn!" and Disney will look down and whisper "No." More or less, anyway. The road has been long with this saga, which started merely a month ago, but time is a flat circle in 2018. The Guardians of the Galaxy director was fired for a series of old, offensive Tweets that were surfaced by alt-right interests, and since then the director (who had candidly and openly spoken about those Tweets in the past) has seen a...

  • Disney won't change its mind on James Gunn and 'Guardians of the Galaxy': report

    James Gunn will not be coming back to Guardians of the Galaxy. As first reported by Variety, Disney and Marvel will not reinstate Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, despite significant pressure from stars of the film and the public. SEE ALSO: At Comic-Con, mixed feelings on James Gunn's firing from 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' The decision reportedly came following a meeting between Gunn and Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. Sources told Variety the meeting was "civil...