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  • TMZ Live: Angelina Jolie: Sudden Money Issues

    ON TODAY'S SHOW Demi Lovato Temporarily Leaves Rehab Kylie Jenner's Insane 21st Birthday Bash  Daddy Yankee Robbed by an Impersonator! Kanye West is NOT Giving Up His Porn

  • Angelina Jolie Has Sudden Money Issues in Brad Pitt Divorce

    Angelina Jolie is sounding the alarm ... all is not well in the money department. TMZ broke the story, Brad Pitt loaned his estranged wife $8 million to buy a house ... a little weird for an actress who has raked in millions for years. Sources…

  • Raising Money Or Making Money: That's The Question!

    One thing is common for all - a huge amount of effort is required for both fundraising or generating revenue - which diverts time and attention from the work the startup really demands. Here are a few lessons I have learned from both sides of the fence while raising money and making money.

  • For Voters Sick of Money in Politics, a New Pitch: No PAC Money Accepted

    A flurry of Democratic candidates are refusing to take contributions from groups sponsored by corporations, unions or even other politicians, relying instead on individual donors. And voters are responding.
  • The September Issue is dead

    In years gone by, the September issue was the Super Bowl of fashion magazines. Fat with ads and glossy shoots cherry-picking the best looks of fall — the most important season in the fashion calendar — the annual issue heralded the pinnacle of a magazine’s influence and success. Days before the issue hit newsstands, usually...

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  • How to stress-test your money

    Will your wallet survive?
  • Psychotherapy and issues of sexuality

    We need to make it clear that if you come to psychotherapy wishing to explore issues of sex and sexuality you will still be able to do so, writes Prof Andrew Samuels Jayne Ozanne is right that conversion therapy is almost exclusively carried out by faith groups (‘It takes a lifetime to recover’, G2, 8 August). However, psychotherapists and counsellors should not be complacent. There are things we need to own and attend to. First, there is a history of homophobic non-acceptance of same-sex love...

    the Guardian
  • Money Never Sleeps

    Hosted by Charlie Sykes

    The Weekly Standard
  • It's Possible to Make Money and Do Good

    Your approach to business should take into account more than just your bottom line.

  • CheatBook Issue 08/2018

    Download CheatBook Issue. The encyclopedia of game cheats.

  • Key issues for federal parliament

    FEDERAL PARLIAMENT RETURNS* House of Representatives and Senate to sit for a fortnight from August 13.* Federal Parliament has been on a winter break since...

    Mail Online
  • This Is Why I Wrote The Money Diaries Book

    Four years ago this summer, I wrote a story about how my husband, Ken, and I saved $100,000 to buy an apartment in New York City. In it, I shared intimate anecdotes from my relationship, including Ken's penchant for peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly, that was deemed "an unnecessary expense") and how we never, ever go to brunch (still don't). I put the reality (and details) of my spending and saving habits out in the open. Little did I know when I published that article that I was tapping into a...

  • Trustees 'alone in dark with our money'

    Australia's $2.6 trillion superannuation industry is operating in darkness with no dedicated regulator watching the trustees running the funds, a royal...

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  • NRA has major financial issues

    The gun lobby group has been known to overspend its resources
  • Follow the Money (Then Take a Picture)

    With “Generation Wealth,” the filmmaker Lauren Greenfield looks back at 30 years of chronicling the rich — and predicting our cultural future.
  • Feature: The future of mobile money

    At this year’s GSMA Mobile 360 Africa, Mobile World Live spoke to executives from across ... The post Feature: The future of mobile money appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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  • How to save money on midgrade gas

    Need midgrade gas? Save money by blending your own.

  • 5 Fall Trends That Aren't Worth Your Money

    These five fall trends definitely had a moment, but they're not worth your money this season. Take a look at them here.

    Who What Wear
  • 5 Fall Trends That Aren't Worth Your Money

    These five fall trends definitely had a moment, but they're not worth your money this season. Take a look at them here.

    Who What Wear
  • Six charged over tobacco and dirty money

    Six Chinese nationals have been charged with importing 2.5 million illegal cigarettes and laundering at least $11 million of dirty money in just six...

    Mail Online
  • Why No Amount of Money Can Guarantee Success

    There is no set recipe for success.

  • Flash flood watch issued for region

    The National Weather Service in Albany has issued a flash flood watch for much of Eastern New York, stretching from the Saratoga and Glens Falls region to the Mid Hudson Valley and Taconics. The watch is effective through Tuesday evening, Aug. 14, 2018. Showers and scattered thunderstorms are expected to contain heavy rain during the day and into the evening.

  • Prison reform, an unlikely Republican issue

    Prison reform has normally been an issue embraced by Democrats, not Republicans. But, perhaps, like so many other things in the Trump administration, this, too, is about to change. Last Thursday, President Trump held a roundtable discussion at his Bedminster, New Jersey, property, where five governors were in attendance. According ...
  • The balloon to treat women's health issues

    Called Revita, the device is already used for type 2 diabetes because the burning process, ablation, burns off cells which have become resistant to insulin.

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