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  • On Marriage and Money: A CFP's Perspective

    While wedding planning is a time for picking flowers, colors and cake flavors, there are some more important things you should be discussing. A newly engaged financial adviser details how to handle those tough conversations.
  • Forced marriage is not just a foreign problem

    Jada’s father, an American convert to Islam, told her to remain on his right side as they walked down a Jeddah street in Saudi Arabia. Only twelve, and visiting for the first time from their home in New Jersey, she complied, explaining later that she was unknowingly being carefully placed in the position taken by women who were for sale into marriage. Her father had decided to marry her to a Saudi. Panic stricken, she texted her older half-sister, Mecca, in the States who learned that the...
  • How to invest to help our environmental problems and make money

    Millions of us are making changes to our everyday routines to make our lifestyles more sustainable. But what about using our money to help out as well?

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  • I keep my money separate from my spouse — and it's key to happiness in our marriage

    oneinpunch/Shutterstock Money is a common source of stress and arguments for many couples. In a marriage, couples sometimes think that they need to share everything — including bank accounts. However, having separate finances allows you to be in control of your spending, reduces the stress of having a joint bank account, and allows you to have fun with your money. When I first got married, I thought my spouse and I were supposed to be attached at the hip in all things. Over time, I found...

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  • Great Again: Fewer Americans Putting Off Marriage, Children, College Because of Money Troubles

    A new survey shows that fewer Americans are being forced to delay going to college, getting married, having kids, buying a home, or retiring because of financial concerns.

  • Roseanne's family deals with mounting health and money problems on show's season finale

    In the opening scene, Roseanne was stuck in the bathroom with an ailing knee, with she and Dan grousing about how they didn't have the money needed for surgery.

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  • Trump’s Hope Hicks Problem Gets Worse with Enormous Money Trail Discovery

    On Monday, news broke that Donald Trump’s allies in the Republican National Committee have managed to funnel nearly half a million dollars to Trout Cacheris & Janis, the law firm representing Hope Hicks in the on-going Trump-Russia probe. The optics of the development looks like the RNC (and Trump) has used the power of money to make sure Hicks’ legal bills are being taken care of, while hoping it will persuade her to refrain from cutting a plea deal against Trump or anyone else...

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  • Ron Paul: Haspel Is Not The Problem...The CIA Is The Problem

    Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, As a general rule, when Dick Cheney favors a foreign policy position it’s best to be on the opposite side if you value liberty over war and authoritarianism. The former vice president’s enthusiastic endorsement of not only Gina Haspel as CIA director but of the torture program she oversaw should tell us all we need to know about Haspel. Saying that Haspel would make a great CIA director, Cheney dismissed concerns...

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  • Your Money: Quilts, Cows, Money and Meaning: College Essays That Stood Out

    This year, we picked five college application essays about money to publish. College admissions officers admired their maturity, self-awareness and humanity.
  • Jimmy Fallon: 'Don’t do it for money—you’ll never make money'

    The host has some advice for those who to wish to follow their dreams.

  • $451,780 Money Trail Found to Hope Hicks (and others), Being Called “Hush Money”

    Earlier this year, it was reported by some outlets that former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was preparing to flip and make a plea deal against popular vote loser Donald Trump. Shortly after these reports, Hicks resigned. Now, there’s large amounts of money that is making its was to the law firm that’s representing Hope Hicks, to the tune of nearly $500,000. It was discovered several months ago that the RNC was taking money from a Kremlin oligarch and using it pay Trump’s legal...

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  • Your Money: 5 High Schoolers and Their College Application Essays About Work, Money and Social Class

    Each year, we ask students to send in college application essays that have something to do with money. Nearly 300 responded this year. Here are five that stood out.
  • Trump Says Campaign Money Played "No Role" In Repayments For Stormy Daniels Hush Money

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images President Donald Trump said that campaign money "played no roll" in monthly reimbursements paid to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 to stay quiet about an alleged affair. The President admitted that Cohen received a "monthly retainer," but said that it had "nothing to do with the campaign" in a series of Tweets on Thursday. Trump has previously denied knowing anything about the payment. ...

  • An old Wall Street money manager with $500 billion is moving to Nashville from Manhattan to save money

    AllianceBernstein will relocate about 1,050 jobs beginning later this year, according to an SEC filing.

  • Titanic problems

    Almost every Filipino has seen the movie Titanic, the story of Jack and Rose who sailed that doomed ship, which hit an iceberg and sank. by Michael J. Gurfinkel
  • Do millenials have a savings problem?

    Will the rising generation ever be able to retire?

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  • Other People’s Money

    What will Jeff Bezos do with his fortune? The Amazon chief has amassed around $130 billion, and there’s really no practical way to spend more than a fraction of it. “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel,” Bezos said in a recent interview. By “space travel” he means space tourism and space colonies—“millions” of earthlings living and working in space.

    The Weekly Standard
  • How to secure your money through divorce

    With one in three marriages ending in divorce, it's no surprise that many couples are finding themselves in financial strife in the years after the breakdown of the relationship.

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  • Brickbat: A Flood of Money

    New Orleans resident Laney Stockstill woke to find on her phone an overdraft notice from her bank. The Sewerage & Water Board had attempted to withdraw $31,679 from her account. The agency claimed she'd used 26 million gallons of water the previous month. She's just one of numerous customers who say the agency bills them not only for more water than they used but for amounts of water well above what anyone would reasonably use. The agency blames computer software and a lack of meter readers...
  • Brickbat: Raining Money

    Nashville officials spent $7.4 million in federal funds that were supposed to go to victims of the 2010 flood to design a downtown concert venue. At least two members of the City Council at the time say they were unaware of that decision, and a local TV station reports the project was not mentioned in the "action plan" council members voted on nor in the analysis prepared for them. Instead, it was listed as "civic open space with improvements" in that plan.
  • OPEC's Biggest Problem

    Authored by Nick Cunningham via, OPEC’s spare capacity is not what it once was, a development that opens up a larger upside risk to oil prices. A constant feature of the oil market is the prospect of unforeseen supply outages, whether from war, industrial accidents, sabotage, natural disasters or more mundane operational problems. These outages range from a mere nuisance to a major disruptive event, depending on size, scope and duration of the interruption. OPEC has often...

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  • Polleit: Gold Should Be Viewed As Money

    Authored by Thorstein Polleit via The Mises Institute, On May 4 and 5, 2018, Warren E. Buffett (born 1930) and Charles T. Munger (born 1924), both already legends during their lifetime, held the annual shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Approximately 42,000 visitors gathered in Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the star investors’ Q&A session. Peoples’ enthusiasm is understandable: From 1965 to 2017, Buffett’s Berkshire share achieved an annual average return of 20.9 percent (after...

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  • Chewbacca met the hobbits, but there was a problem

    Move over, Infinity War – there's a new cinematic crossover in town. Joonas Suotamo, a.k.a. Chewbacca from Solo: A Star Wars Story, recently spent some time with Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, and Billy Boyd, a.k.a. Sam, Frodo, and Pippin from Lord of the Rings. SEE ALSO: Who's who in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' There's just one problem. Finally met my heroes — The Hobbits from Lord of The Rings! — Joonas Suotamo (@JoonasSuotamo) May 20, 2018 Suotamo isn't actually...

  • ‘I thought I was normal, not a problem drinker’

    I often had blackouts. I can’t count the number of times I had no idea how I got home or woke up my housemates because I was so drunk I couldn’t use my key to get into the flat.

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