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  • NYT Corrects Piece About Couple's Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down

    A New York Times analysis of how the recently enacted tax reform law could affect a hypothetical couple's taxes was corrected to admit their taxes would actually go down, not up. The post NYT Corrects Piece About Couple’s Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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  • New year, new rules: 4 ways to save on next year's tax bill

    Six out of 10 affluent individuals think they'll change their financial plans due to the new law. Here are a few tactics worth considering.

  • Larry Kudlow, Trump’s New Economic Adviser, Is a Longtime Advocate for Low Taxes and Free Trade: New at Reason

    Veronique de Rugy has hope for Trump's newest economics adviser: On Thursday, economist and CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow was named the new director of the National Economic Council at the White House. Kudlow is a longtime advocate for low taxes, free trade, and looser immigration restrictions. Although he has softened slightly on the last two, I am hopeful he will use his new perch to continue to advocate forcefully for all of them. To many in Washington and New York, Kudlow is known for being...
  • New Video Ad Report Reveals 31 Percent Drop in Fraud Rate, Identifies 75 Percent as Viewable Completion Rate to Beat

    NEEDHAM, Mass., March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Video advertising technology provider Extreme Reach today released its 2017 Video Advertising Benchmark Report, bringing brands and agencies fresh insights into performance trends and comparisons for judg read more
  • IndyCar has a new champion, a new car and new hopes for 2018

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - IndyCar heads into the season with a new American champion, a new car and the same hopes for a momentum-building year.Josef...

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  • Property taxes & the ‘two New Yorks’

    Money doesn’t grow on trees. In New York City, it grows on houses. At least that’s what City Hall seems to believe, with its consistent, steep increase of the property-tax levy — the amount of money our mayor and City Council have sought from property owners to pay for the city’s lavish spending. As the...

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  • Charitable Giving Under the New Tax Law

    The new tax law may discourage donations. But you can still support your causes and reduce your tax bill with these strategies.
  • A Withering Take on the New Pass-Through Tax Rules

    The Fiscal Times StaffMarch 16, 2018Daniel Shaviro , a tax law professor at New York University, published an analysis of the new U.S. rules for pass-...

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  • Ratings: Gotham Eyes New Series Low

    Fox’s Gotham this Thursday drew 2.51 million total viewers — its second-smallest audience ever — and a 0.6 demo rating, ticking down a tenthfrom last week to mark a new series low. Leading out of that, Showtime at the Apollo (2.6 mil/0.6) was steady. Elsewhere…. ABC | Grey’s Anatomy (7.3 mil/1.8) ticked up from last […]

  • The Philly Soda Tax Scam: New at Reason

    Want a soda? It costs a lot more in Philadelphia thanks to a new tax on artificially sweetened beverages. A 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola that once cost $2 now goes for $3. Politicians and activists applauded when the bill was signed. They said the tax was needed to fund early childhood education. But John Stossel points out that the tax has unintended consequences. It harms local businesses. "It's a bad tax," Melvin Robinson, owner of Bruno's Pizza, told Stossel. His store is on the outer edge of...
  • Here are the highest and lowest state and local tax rates

    The average household pays more than $5,700 in federal income taxes, but there is significant difference when it comes to state and local taxes. Here's a look at tax rates across the country.

  • UK chancellor threatens new tech tax

    Philip Hammond calls for a deeper look at how tech giants like Google and Facebook are taxed.

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  • 8 States with the Highest Income Tax Rates

    If you're looking to lower your tax bill in retirement, you'll probably want to think hard before retiring to one of these eight states. California, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Vermont have the nation's highest top state income tax rates. Income taxes also run high in Washington, D.C. California has the highest income tax rate at 13.3%. Keep in mind, though, that some of these states exclude some retirement income, which softens the blow. New York, for example, has...
  • New Jersey Eyes a Corporate Tax Windfall

    Michael RaineyMarch 7, 2018Facing a serious budget deficit, some state lawmakers in New Jersey are wondering if the windfall coming to...

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  • Democrats’ New Weapon in the Tax Wars: Interactive Maps

    Michael RaineyMarch 19, 2018The political battle over the effects of the Republican tax cuts is heating up, with Democratic lawmakers on the...

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  • Travelodge boss warns over stifling business rates and taxes

    The hospitality sector generates £130 billion for the British economy, but parts of it are creaking under severe cost pressures.

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  • How to Take Advantage of the New Tax Bracket Sweet Spots

    While most everyone is getting a tax break starting in 2018, some taxpayers have bigger opportunities than others to make the most of it. Particularly those in the 25% tax bracket. How? Roth IRA conversions.
  • Here's how the new tax code will impact the housing market

    Justin Sullivan/Getty The new tax code removes any significant tax differences between homeowners and renters for most US households. Home prices shouldn't be impact by the new tax code. The code is expected to have little impact on supply. Overall, little impact is expected. The impact of the new tax code on the housing market has been heavily studied and debated in academic, policy and political circles, with most agreeing that the changes remove any significant tax differences between...

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