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  • Cut your tax bill with these 4 quirky tax deductions

    If you itemize, it's smart to cast a wide net for available deductions. Four surprising tax breaks to add to your list.

  • New, new, new TechCrunch

    In the beginning, there was TechCrunch. Then there was new TechCrunch. And, if you’ve been reading TechCrunch for the last five years or so, you’re used to seeing new, new TechCrunch. Our last redesign, launched in 2013, was conceived when iOS was still Skeuomorphic and responsive web design was forward thinking. It’s served us well, but the internet never stands still and… Read More

  • 11 tax deductions and other ways to cut your 2017 tax bill

    With all the talk about the new federal tax law that went into effect in January, it's easy to forget about the old one. But it's the old tax code that governs the deductions, credits and other measures you can use to save money on your 2017 tax return due in April. In fact, it may be your last chance to use some of them since the new law eliminated many. Here are 11 deductions and other tax-trimming measures you shouldn't overlook: 1. Traditional IRA contributions You have until April 17 to...

  • New Tax Law: Tips for Filing Your 2017 Tax Return

    All the hoopla about the tax law signed by President Trump can obscure a sneaky little secret: The rules pertaining to the 2017 tax return you're working on now are almost exactly the same as they were before Congress gave us the biggest tax overhaul in more than 30 years. Although 41% of respondents to a recent poll thought otherwise, almost all of the changes, including reduced tax rates, will apply for the first time to the return you file next spring. On the bright side, that means the 2016...
  • Tax prep for 2018: 5 ways to hack the new tax law

    Planning now can help you sidestep some serious pitfalls when you file your 2018 taxes, USA Today reports.

  • Tax your Uber ride? A look at new and increased taxes Phil Murphy just proposed

    Gov. Phil Murphy's blueprint includes some $1.5 billion in news taxes to fund his ambitious agenda. here's what he'll tax. Watch video Gov. Phil Murphy unveiled an ambitious progressive agenda Tuesday when he pulled back the curtain on his $37.4 billion state budget proposal. The spending plan is a $2.7 billion jump over the state's last budget signed by former Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican. Murphy, a Democrat, wants to, among other things, fully...
  • NYT Corrects Piece About Couple's Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down

    A New York Times analysis of how the recently enacted tax reform law could affect a hypothetical couple's taxes was corrected to admit their taxes would actually go down, not up. The post NYT Corrects Piece About Couple’s Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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  • New year, new rules: 4 ways to save on next year's tax bill

    Six out of 10 affluent individuals think they'll change their financial plans due to the new law. Here are a few tactics worth considering.

  • As tax reform slashes SALT deductions, retirees in high-tax states wonder whether to stay or go

    If a look at the new tax law has you flinching and ready to call the movers, it's time to settle down and weigh the pros and cons.

  • Larry Kudlow, Trump’s New Economic Adviser, Is a Longtime Advocate for Low Taxes and Free Trade: New at Reason

    Veronique de Rugy has hope for Trump's newest economics adviser: On Thursday, economist and CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow was named the new director of the National Economic Council at the White House. Kudlow is a longtime advocate for low taxes, free trade, and looser immigration restrictions. Although he has softened slightly on the last two, I am hopeful he will use his new perch to continue to advocate forcefully for all of them. To many in Washington and New York, Kudlow is known for being...
  • IndyCar has a new champion, a new car and new hopes for 2018

    ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - IndyCar heads into the season with a new American champion, a new car and the same hopes for a momentum-building year.Josef...

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  • Property taxes & the ‘two New Yorks’

    Money doesn’t grow on trees. In New York City, it grows on houses. At least that’s what City Hall seems to believe, with its consistent, steep increase of the property-tax levy — the amount of money our mayor and City Council have sought from property owners to pay for the city’s lavish spending. As the...

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  • Charitable Giving Under the New Tax Law

    The new tax law may discourage donations. But you can still support your causes and reduce your tax bill with these strategies.
  • A Withering Take on the New Pass-Through Tax Rules

    The Fiscal Times StaffMarch 16, 2018Daniel Shaviro , a tax law professor at New York University, published an analysis of the new U.S. rules for pass-...

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  • The Philly Soda Tax Scam: New at Reason

    Want a soda? It costs a lot more in Philadelphia thanks to a new tax on artificially sweetened beverages. A 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola that once cost $2 now goes for $3. Politicians and activists applauded when the bill was signed. They said the tax was needed to fund early childhood education. But John Stossel points out that the tax has unintended consequences. It harms local businesses. "It's a bad tax," Melvin Robinson, owner of Bruno's Pizza, told Stossel. His store is on the outer edge of...
  • UK chancellor threatens new tech tax

    Philip Hammond calls for a deeper look at how tech giants like Google and Facebook are taxed.

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  • Facebook publishes new 360 video standards

    Called SSIM360 and 360QVM, the new standards address the warping and field-of-view problems that arise when trying to assess 360 content.

  • Let the feds’ cap on tax deductions stand

    As state legislatures and governors plan their budgets for the coming years, one of the most important items on

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  • New Jersey Eyes a Corporate Tax Windfall

    Michael RaineyMarch 7, 2018Facing a serious budget deficit, some state lawmakers in New Jersey are wondering if the windfall coming to...

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  • Idaho schools to adopt new science standards

    After three years of facing resistance inside the GOP-dominant Statehouse, Idaho schools will finally be able to implement a new slate of robust science standards The Senate Education Committee on Thursday approved adopting the updated science standards.

  • Democrats’ New Weapon in the Tax Wars: Interactive Maps

    Michael RaineyMarch 19, 2018The political battle over the effects of the Republican tax cuts is heating up, with Democratic lawmakers on the...

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  • How to Take Advantage of the New Tax Bracket Sweet Spots

    While most everyone is getting a tax break starting in 2018, some taxpayers have bigger opportunities than others to make the most of it. Particularly those in the 25% tax bracket. How? Roth IRA conversions.
  • Here's how the new tax code will impact the housing market

    Justin Sullivan/Getty The new tax code removes any significant tax differences between homeowners and renters for most US households. Home prices shouldn't be impact by the new tax code. The code is expected to have little impact on supply. Overall, little impact is expected. The impact of the new tax code on the housing market has been heavily studied and debated in academic, policy and political circles, with most agreeing that the changes remove any significant tax differences between...

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  • Vancouver To Slap New Tax On Thousands Of Vacant Homes

    Vancouver is slapping thousands of empty homes with a new tax as part of a government effort to tame the out-of-control Real Estate bubble that just won't quit.  Approximately 4.6% or 8,481 homes in Vancouver have stood empty or underutilized for over six months in 2017, down from 10,800 in 2016 according to declarations submitted to the municipality by homeowners.  The City of Vancouver says Empty Homes Tax filings have found about 8,500 empty or underutilized properties. That's about...

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