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  • 10 RMD Mistakes to Avoid

    After saving for years in an IRA, 401(k) or other tax-deferred retirement plan, you eventually have to take the money out and pay taxes on it. Most people need to start taking these required minimum distributions after they turn age 70½--and the stakes are high. If you don't take out the required amount by the deadline, you could get hit with a penalty worth up to 50% of the amount you should have withdrawn. It's easy to make mistakes when figuring out the timing of RMDs, how much to withdraw...
  • 10 Roughed-Up Stocks to Buy for a Recovery Rally

    A stock's price can fall for many reasons. The company may no longer be performing as it's expected to. The industry or sector could be temporarily out of fashion. Sometimes, a weak market simply pulls good stocks down with it. As long as the issue isn't fundamental (and long-term), you can still buy low and eventually sell high, even in a toppy market like today's. Today, we will look at 10 stocks with market caps between $10 billion and $200 billion that have fallen hard in the past year,...
  • College Savings 101: Arguments Against 529 Plans and Alternatives That Might Work Better

    Before you pump money into a 529 College Savings Plan, make sure you have three important boxes checked. And even after you check those boxes, you might want to consider the alternatives.
  • 11 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Buying or Selling

    Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B, $205.83), wasn't kidding when he said he couldn't get enough bites of Apple's (AAPL) stock. The Oracle of Omaha added to Berkshire Hathaway's already hefty stake in the iPhone maker during the three months ended June 30. Apple has since gone on to become the first U.S. company to top $1 trillion in market value. Buffett has made his ardor for Apple well-known, but the world's greatest value investor made a number of other...
  • 5 of the Best Consumer Stocks You Can Buy

    Consumer stocks as a whole are among some of the biggest beneficiaries of the current nine-year bull market. However, as we move through a period of uncertainty and change where tariffs and trade wars could affect some of these very same companies, investors need any edge they can get to make money in the years ahead. Technology may be that edge. It's already playing a large role in the success and failure of many of this country's biggest consumer stocks, and tech looks to be an even greater...
  • Great Tiny Homes for Retirement

    If you're planning for retirement, downsizing is likely near the top of your to-do list. After all, it's a lot of work and expense to maintain the 2,426 square feet that makes up the typical single-family house. Enter the tiny retirement home. Generally at under 400 square feet of living space, a tiny home requires much less upkeep and is much more affordable than a traditional house. That's an attractive combination for retirees on fixed incomes. According to the National Association of Home...
  • The 3 Worst States for Millionaires

    These states have the lowest concentrations of millionaire households in the U.S.
  • Why Live Alone in Retirement? Form a Pod Instead

    Sharing expenses can be extremely helpful, but that's not the only reason to add some peas to your pod. Sharing friendships, skills and talents can be just as valuable.
  • 21 Top Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2020

    The 2020 Democratic presidential nominating contest is attracting unprecedented interest, as it's the first in decades that is truly wide open. Although there are more than 40 politicians, businessmen and celebrities weighing a bid, former Vice President Joe Biden is the only one that virtually all other candidates would step aside for. And this far out, it's impossible to know whether there's another Barack Obama hiding in the mix, ready to catch fire and snatch the nomination from the heir...
  • 7 Sell-Rated Stocks to Avoid This Fall

    This bull market is getting awfully long in the tooth. Stocks haven't recorded a 20% drop since March 9, 2009 - the beginning of the recovery from the Great Recession. At 3,444 days at last count, this bull market is on pace to set the all-time record on Aug. 22, surpassing the 3,452-day rally between Oct. 11, 1990. Nothing lasts forever, of course, and that will be true of the current bull market at some point. "Since we are back close to the highs for the S&P 500, risks of a pullback have...
  • Could Your Cash Savings Hurt You?

    For Millennials and Gen-Xers, having too much in cash may be a good problem … but it's a problem nevertheless. Here's why, how much you should have on hand and some ideas on what you may want to do with the rest.
  • YOU Are the Biggest Threat to Your Retirement Plan

    When the going gets tough in the market, people invested in stocks have the natural impulse to pull out to cut their losses. By using an income allocation plan instead, you can ride out downturns more confidently.
  • 20 Dividend Stocks to Fund 20 Years of Retirement

    The conventional approach to funding retirement is to withdraw 4% of your savings in the first year, followed by "pay raises" in each subsequent year to adjust for inflation. Over a 30-year retirement, the thinking goes, there is little chance of running out of money if this retirement portfolio is invested in a mix of dividend stocks, a few growth stocks and bonds. Today's world is different. Interest rates and bond yields have never been this low for this long, reducing future expected...
  • Just How Pricey Is This Stock Market?

    Experts point to sky-high P/E ratios as evidence that the S&P 500 is frothy. But let's put these numbers under a magnifying glass.
  • 7 Momentum Stocks for High-Risk Appetites

    One of the best momentum stocks to buy of 2018 recently got a rude awakening from an analyst. On July 20, Credit Suisse analyst Judah Former downgraded discount retailer Five Below (FIVE) to "neutral" from "outperform" after its stock gained more than 125% over the past year. "[Five Below] remains one of the most differentiated concepts in retail ... and operates the quickest new store return model we have seen," Frommer wrote in a note to clients. "That said, we see risk/reward as balanced at...
  • Are You Ready for Longevity? 4 Steps to Take Now

    A long life is a great gift, but with the joys come some financial and legal challenges. The earlier you act to address them, the better off you and your heirs will be.
  • 14 Ways for Everyone to Save on Taxes Under the New Tax Law

    We're living in a new tax world now, thanks to the overhaul passed by Congress last year. A number of breaks bit the dust, but some new ones were introduced as well. Your 2018 return will be the first to file under the new rules, but the time to look for tax savings is now. The following ideas could really pay off in the months--and years--ahead.
  • Emerging-Markets Stocks: 10 Ways to Play the Next Bull Market

    Emerging markets have been a real minefield of late. The United States and China have ratcheted up their trade war rhetoric, and investors have been shunning emerging-markets stocks and sticking with the comforts of home. But they may be doing so at their own detriment. Emerging markets are cheap after a decade of underperformance marked by sagging commodity prices, political instability and strong home-country bias by American investors. For the contrarian investor willing to look past the...
  • Two Medigap Plans to Be Phased Out

    Medicare will no longer sell Plan F and Plan C medigap policies to people who sign up for coverage in 2020 and later, but current enrollees won't have to switch.
  • 15 Consumer Stocks That Deliver Dividend Growth Like Clockwork

    Slow-moving consumer stocks aren't the sexiest investments, but those that can be relied on for regular dividend growth through both good times and bad can be a long-term investor's best friend. After all, bull markets and economic expansions don't last forever. "Quality dividend payers can also offer defensive, resilient businesses and current income generation to buffer against potential future (stock market) drawdowns," writes Tony DeSpirito, director of U.S. equity investments at...
  • Before You Buy That Jet: Considerations on Big Purchases

    Want to buy a plane? How about a vacation home? Keep in mind that with decisions on big purchases, the initial price paid is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • 7 "Zombie Stocks" That Are Coming Back to Life

    Just because a stock has performed badly in the past, doesn't mean it's game over for the future. As investors, we can jump into stocks that are rising. But another strategy is to find poorly performing stocks on the cusp of rebounding. Obviously, this is a more risky approach. What happens if the poor results continue? Well, for instance, you can generate seriously lucrative returns. The key is to cherry-pick your stocks wisely by differentiating between stocks unfairly treated by the market,...
  • Royalty Trusts: 10 Little-Known High-Yield Energy Plays

    Royalty trusts can be great holdings for investors who want income that rises in sync with commodity prices. These trusts hold interests in oil, gas or mineral production and collect more income when energy prices rise, resulting in bigger distributions (similar to dividends) and high yields for their investors. So far in 2018, royalty trust investors have benefited from a 12% improvement in sale prices for benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, which was recently trading at $67 a...
  • 10 Things You’ll Spend Less on in Retirement

    A popular rule of thumb suggests that retirees need 80% of their preretirement income to make ends meet, and some experts encourage saving even more to avoid running out of money. In the face of such daunting goals, 53% of preretirees say they plan on working past age 65 to ensure that they have enough money, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. But the 80% rule isn't for everybody, and it may lead to inflated savings goals that cause undue anxiety as you plan for...