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  • 7 Great Companies You Could Buy If You Win Mega Millions

    Most people have already mapped out their spending plans for a Mega Millions jackpot they'll never actually win. Visions of big boats, sports cars and luxurious houses can become reality just by picking the right numbers. You never know; sooner or later, someone's going to get lucky. But for some seasoned investors and aspiring CEOs that also play the lottery, splurging on toys isn't top of mind. The Mega Millions jackpot is estimated to be a record-breaking $900 million for Friday's drawing,...
  • Can the Office Gray Gracefully?

    The workplace is changing. To keep up, Baby Boomers have to be ready to change, too.
  • Bora Bora or Bust: Annuity Sales Incentives May Taint Structured Settlements for Accident Victims

    Did you know that posh trips and other incentives are sometimes offered to those who recommend annuities for accident victims? Here's what consumers should watch out for and how they can protect themselves.
  • 8 Changes to Watch Out for During Medicare Open Enrollment for 2019

    Getting ready to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan for 2019? You may have more plans to choose from, the premiums may be lower, and some Medicare Advantage plans are adding benefits. That's why this open enrollment period is a particularly good time to shop for coverage even if you've been happy with your current plan. Open enrollment for Part D and Medicare Advantage runs from October 15 to December 7 for coverage starting January 1, 2019. Here are eight changes to be on...
  • What Happens When a Retailer Goes Bankrupt?

    Just when it looked like the so-called retail apocalypse was all the way in the rearview mirror, it managed to claim another victim. A long-beleaguered Sears Holdings (SHLD, $0.40) finally was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Oct. 15, 2018. That vindicated numerous doubters who were surprised Sears hung on as long as it did. But the decision is hardly an event. That is, the decision to file bankruptcy sets off a chain of open-ended processes that might let the company...
  • How Much Tax You Will Pay on Your Lottery Winnings

    The federal government wants to take a bite of that big Mega Millions payout. Your state might, too.
  • A Retirement Checklist: 8 Steps to Take Now

    Retirement should be like a second childhood ... without parental supervision. I believe that's doable for most people, but it takes planning. Luckily, you can begin right now by taking the following steps. Written by Ken Moraif, a senior adviser and certified financial professional at Money Matters, a Dallas-based wealth management and investment firm with over $4.15 billion in AUM and serving over 8,100 households (as of May 31, 2018). He is also the host of the radio show "Money Matters...
  • It's Time to be Realistic about Retirement

    From how much you'll need to how you'll spend your time, your retirement plan needs to be grounded in reality.
  • 5 Stocks to Sell According to Wall Street Analysts

    The fourth quarter has been a pretty painful experience for investors so far. Major indexes have just posted their worst weekly losses in more than six months thanks to rising concerns over high interest rates and a potentially slowing world economy. Some market commentators are warning that the selloff could continue. That's far from a guarantee, but it's so it makes sense to be cautious. Wall Street analysts are pointing to these five companies as stocks to sell right now. We used TipRanks...
  • 5 Hot-Running Health Insurance Stocks to Buy

    Many of us are unhappy with our health insurers. Premiums are high. Hospital bills can be large and deductibles for many policyholders are larger than ever. But the world looks good if you own health insurance stocks. There are profits to be made managing government health care programs -- Medicaid, public exchanges, the Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicare. Because despite the confusion over health insurance, government health care expenditures continue to rise. To wit, Medicare...
  • To Plan or Not to Plan ... That is the Question

    Take these nine steps toward building a comprehensive financial plan. Once in place, such a plan can be indispensable in making solid financial decisions going forward.
  • Strategize Now to Avoid a Nasty Tax Surprise in Retirement

    If you did most of your retirement saving in 401(k)s and IRAs, unless you have a plan, you may end up paying a lot more in taxes than you bargained for.
  • Can You Match the Famous Mascot to the Cereal?

    Tony the Tiger? Toucan Sam? Lucky the Leprechaun? Take our quiz to see if you can match the mascot to the popular breakfast cereal it represents.
  • The 5 Best Dividend Growth Stocks for the Rest of 2018

    Yield isn't everything when it comes to dividend investing. Indeed, a steady, rising payout is what leads to long-term capital appreciation. Dividend growth not only makes a stock more attractive to new income investors, but also rewards existing investors with increasingly higher yields on shares purchased at lower prices in the past. Additionally, dividend growth tends to be a sign of health, analysts say. "Companies with the ability to consistently grow dividend payments tend to be strong...
  • Social Security Truth or Consequences

    How well do you know Social Security rules and claiming strategies? Test yourself by analyzing some specific scenarios.
  • Is a Roth Conversion Right for You?

    Based on current tax laws, three different types of people stand to benefit by moving funds out of their traditional IRAs into a Roth. See if the timing and tax benefits make sense for your plan.
  • Home Buyers, What $300,000 Buys in 21 Big Cities Across the U.S.

    The national median sales price for existing single-family homes hit $269,000 in the second quarter of this year, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, depending on where you choose to live, that much money may get you a large, single-family home with plenty of amenities -- or a studio apartment. In cities such as New York City and San Diego, you'll find only small studio and one-bedroom condos or even mobile manufactured homes at that price point. Meanwhile, in...
  • Low-Volatility ETFs Are Doing Their Job

    These funds made a stomach-churning week easier to swallow