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  • CORRECTED-US STOCKS-Wall St edges higher as retail stocks gain

    May 16 (Reuters) - Wall Street edged higher on Wednesday as Macy's strong results helped drive gains in retails stocks and more than offset losses in energy shares.
  • 'Comfort is not your friend' — The stock market's biggest bear explains why the next market crash will be one of the worst ever

    John Hussman, the outspoken investor and former professor who has been predicting a stock market crash, has fresh thoughts relating to trader overconfidence. He argues one of the biggest problems plaguing the stock market is the high level of comfort felt by investors, and notes similar periods have historically preceded disaster. "The duration of this episode of euphoria has been stretched to an extent that will make the depth of subsequent losses far worse than in most prior market cycles," he...

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  • Bitcoin surges while stock market falls

    Amid a sea of red in financial markets, Bitcoin is still flashing green.

  • EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil stocks down on global trade concerns;...

    By Bruno Federowski BRASILIA, May 23 (Reuters) - Brazilian stocks fell sharply on Wednesday after comments by U.S. President Donald Trump reignited...

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  • Rising shipping costs are a big threat to the stock market

    YouTube/Discovery Rising shipping costs are eating into companies' bottom lines, putting pressure on their shares. Trucking-price increases have far outpaced the rest of the producer price index. High oil prices are partly driving the shipping cost increases.  This month, my wife and I drove from Austin to Memphis. Going across Arkansas, the number of trucks seemed quite high. We finally started counting and found commercial trucks outnumbered passenger vehicles by about 2-1.See the rest of...

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  • Evidence is mounting that the stock market could plunge into chaos this summer

    After spiking to a multi-year high in February, the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) has stabilized as investor nerves have calmed. However, Bank of America Merrill Lynch argues that worries are again mounting under the surface, which could derail the equity market over the summer. The stock market has stabilized quite nicely after a 10% correction rocked major indexes earlier this year, so it's easy to understand why investor concern has ebbed. This can be seen in the spot price for the Cboe...

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  • Meet the most hated stocks in the market today: consumer staples

    CNBC's Michael Santoli breaks down the investment case for the hated consumer staples group.

  • Sell stocks as another correction is coming, strategist warns

    The bond market is showing signs of an upcoming correction and investors should sell their shares in listed companies, a strategist told CNBC on Tuesday.

  • Global stocks mixed as markets watch Italian government

    BEIJING (AP) - Global stock markets were mixed Tuesday as investors watched Italy's moves toward forming a euroskeptic-led government.KEEPING SCORE: In early...

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  • Stocks an unlikely shelter from debt, dollar, emerging market...

    By Jamie McGeeverLONDON, May 18 (Reuters) - U.S. bond yields are the highest in seven years, the dollar is strengthening, emerging markets are wobbling,...

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  • Britain's main stock market closes at record high

    Britain's FTSE 100 index of leading shares has closed at a record high. The index ended Thursday's session 0.7 percent higher at 7,787.97, surpassing its previous peak of 7,778 in mid-January. Since then, the index, like others around the world, has been hugely volatile. A bout of...

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  • Britain's main stock market closes at record high

    Britain's FTSE 100 index of leading shares has closed at a record high.

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  • 10 Stable Stocks to Buy Now for a Wobbly Market

    The past several weeks have been frustrating for investors. While an eight-day win streak for the Dow Jones Industrial Average showed we're clearly not in the throes of a bear market, things largely still aren't very bullish, either. We're still in the midst of a garden-variety correction, and as many traders have been reminded, corrections are a process rather than a short-lived event. The current process might not be completed just yet. Indeed, after an incredible unfettered runup over the...
  • The Stock & Bond Markets Have Not Disagreed This Much Since 2008

    While the yield curve has steepened the last two days, the recent relationship with stocks is holding up as the almost unprecedented negative correlation is confirmed by weakness in stocks... And that has driven the correlation between stocks and the yield curve to its most negative since October 2008... This short-term negative correlation means simply that the stock market's view of inflation and growth the most 'positive' relative to the extreme 'negative' view of future inflation and...

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  • The latest stock market rally seems trustworthy, for now

    We've been here before — and pretty recently at that — and it led to frustration.

  • This Is What The Slow-Motion LBO Of The Stock Market Looks Like

    When it comes to stock buybacks - an increasingly politically charged topic - 2018 has already been a historic year: as we first reported three months ago, as a result of Trump tax reform which made offshore cash repatriation far more economical, corporations would use much of this redomiciled cash to buyback $650 billion of their own stock in 2018, an all time high (for an extended analysis of the market and political implications of record cash flows, see ""Day Of Reckoning" Nears As Goldman...

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  • MIDEAST STOCKS-Markets down on Iran concerns, EM weakness;...

    By Davide Barbuscia and Saeed AzharDUBAI, May 3 (Reuters) - Middle East stock markets moved down in line with global emerging markets and because of ...

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  • How the flattening yield curve could lead to a bear market for stocks

    REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton The yield curve is the spread between the yield on the 10-year treasury and the 2-year treasury. Its movements have historically been used as a recession indicator in the US. Its inversion could mean a bear market for stocks because it signals risk appetite.  It seems everyone is talking about the yield curve right now. It also seems most economists and investors are quick to dismiss what would typically signal a clear economic warning as nothing worth worrying...

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