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  • N.J. Senate President wants this tax increase to replace Murphy's millionaires tax plan

    Senate President Stephen Sweeney is proposing a 33 percent increase in the marginal corporate business tax rate. After declaring his opposition to a tax increase on wealthy New Jersey residents,  Democratic state Senate President Stephen Sweeney said Tuesday state coffers can get the money they need by enacting a 3 percent surcharge on corporate income in New Jersey. The increase in the corporation business tax rate from 9 percent to 12 percent on businesses with...
  • Labor's plan to close a tax loophole

    FEDERAL LABOR'S PLAN TO CLOSE A TAX LOOPHOLEHOW IT WORKS RIGHT NOW* A company earns $100, pays $30 in tax, and pays $70 to shareholders.* To ensure that...

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  • Eagles TE Celek not planning to retire

    Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek plans to return for another campaign in 2018, according to multiple reports.Some had speculated that the...

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  • Republicans abandon ship on promoting tax plan

    Pennsylvania GOP candidate Rick Saccone backed away from mentioning tax cuts while on the campaign trail in February. Even the president barely mentioned the cuts while stumping for Saccone. Steve Rattner's charts explain why.
  • Trump Unveil "Phase Two" Of His Tax Plan

    Speaking at a roundtable discussion on tax reform and tax cuts on Wednesday evening at Boeing in Missouri alongside Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, President Trump hinted at his intention to eventually begin a "phase two" of his new tax plan. "We're actually going for a phase two, which, additionally to the middle class, will help companies. It's going to be something, I think, very special", Trump said. Underscoring the biggest accomplishment of his administration, Trump touted his tax...

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  • Labor's tax move part of a wider plan

    Labor says its plan to axe cash refunds for some wealthy investors is just part of its effort to roll back tax breaks for the wealthy if it wins the next...

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