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  • South Dakotans may see lower sales tax rate after tax ruling

    South Dakota residents may see lower sales tax rates because of a provision in state law passed years ahead of a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing states to make online … Click to Continue

  • Lake drops gas-tax referendum in favor of vote on school safety tax

    Worried about hitting residents with two possible tax-increase measures to consider, Lake County commissioners have decided to nix plans for a vote on a gas-tax hike in favor of moving forward with a referendum for school safety funding. Lake voters were going to be asked to vote in November on...
  • How U.S. tax reform rewards companies that shift profit to tax havens

    (Reuters) - The corporate tax cut passed by U.S. President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans that was in part designed to help dissuade U.S. companies from moving profits overseas may instead make the practice a lot more rewarding.
  • After Seattle Ditches Its Amazon Tax, Silicon Valley City Mulls a Google Tax

    As Seattle repeals a literal tax on jobs, a similarly bad idea is taking hold further south. Passed by a unanimous vote of the city council in May, the city's so-called Amazon tax, which imposed a $275 annual fee for every worker employed by a company grossing over $20 million a year, was on the books for barely a month before city elders nixed it, hoping to avoid a bruising voter initiative campaign that sought its repeal. The move provoked howls of betrayal from some of the tax's most ardent...
  • Dem Rep Sponsoring Trump Tax Cut Repeal Paid No Taxes for Five Years

    Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado, who is sponsoring a bill that would repeal the Trump tax cuts, thereby effectively raising tax rates on most Americans and businesses, recently reconfirmed to a reporter in his home state that for at least five years he paid no income taxes at all from 2001 to 2005. The post Dem Rep Sponsoring Trump Tax Cut Repeal Paid No Taxes for Five Years appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

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  • What the government's tax cuts means for you: Workers to get $530 back a year in taxes from July 1

    A historic $144 billion of personal income tax cuts worth have passed federal parliament. It's an extra $10.20 per week in the pocket for Australians earning up to $90,000 a year from July 1.

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  • Raise the sales tax? The business tax? Dueling Democratic budgets bring N.J. closer to a shutdown.

    The back-and-forth pushes the state closer to a government shutdown. Democrats who control the state Legislature on Monday announced they'll introduce a $36.2 billion budget that would raise taxes on New Jersey's very largest corporations to the highest level of any state. They also vowed to move forward with the spending plan even though Gov. Phil Murphy said he'd veto it earlier in the day.  The intensified hostility between the governor and state...
  • New tax laws could prompt mass exodus from high-tax states, real estate experts say

    Taxpayers in states with high income and property taxes are feeling the strain from new laws that cap deductions, the Wall Street Journal reported. What…
  • Former retail CEOs hail online sales tax ruling: Old law rewarded a ‘form of tax evasion’

    The decision will level the playing field between online and brick-and-mortar retailers, industry leaders say.

  • Why soda taxes don't work

    Time and again we hear politicians from different parts of the country profess the virtues of a soda tax. Their reasoning ranges from wanting to improve the public health, by cutting back consumption of unhealthy drinks, to talking about how much revenue it will bring in. This proclivity of nanny ...
  • sink strategy on immigration

    NEW YORK (AP) — As the White House struggles to move past another self-imposed crisis, Democrats are fighting to ensure this one isn’t quickly forgotten. Fiery Democratic leaders from Vermont to New Jersey to Texas…
  • Tariffs and the Tax Cut

    A 25% auto levy will limit the tax-cut benefit for Trump voters.

  • So Much for ‘Tax Reform’?

    Yuval RosenbergMay 29, 2018For years, economists and tax experts have found a broad consensus around the idea that the U.S. tax code needed...

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  • Protest without strategy is performance

    In times of trouble, people want to do something, but as activist Kat Calvin points out, make sure your time and resources are spent wisely. Otherwise you end up enriching grifters: (more…)

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  • Push for more companies to report taxes

    Labor and the Greens want to force hundreds of private companies to publicly report how much tax they pay in a bid to ensure they are stumping up their fair...

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  • Business tax showdown in Senate

    The second act of the Turnbull government tax plan will take centre stage when parliament sits for its final week before the long winter break and the...

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  • The Jersey Tax Spiral Continues

    New Governor Phil Murphy follows the Connecticut model.

  • This Is Not the Iran Regime Strategy You're Looking For

    Payam Ghalehdar Security, Middle East Trump’s end-game is a negotiated settlement, not the forcible overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has raised fears that the United States is rushing toward another major war in the Middle East. Many believe that, for better or worse, the U.S. president is now pursuing regime change in Iran. The supporters of the JCPOA lament these recent developments, while neoconservatives applaud Trump’s approach. Both,...