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  • The Crisis of Porn

    If you’re ambivalent about the crisis of pornography in America, The New York Times can change that. Almost instantly. The paper jolted an entire nation... Read More The post The Crisis of Porn appeared first on The Daily Signal.

    The Daily Signal
  • Got teenagers? Study says be sure to get some sleep

    Parents of teenagers are advised to get more sleep in order to be more consistent in setting boundaries for their children. Well-rested parents are better able to help their children become well-adjusted teenagers, a new study suggests. The post Got teenagers? Study says be sure to get some sleep appeared first on WTOP.

  • Parkland Shooting Survivors Are Coming for Your Battleground State

    The youth vote has long been a desirable little political prize (which is why Republicans make really embarrassing ads that look like this), but motivating young voters to turn out in the midterms and vote for what is often a menu of bad options can be a challenge. This year, the teens leading the newest wave of gun control activism are trying to change that.

    The Slot
  • From a Year 12 student who brings her baby to class to homeless teenagers

    An 'alternative college' in NSW is refusing to back down despite facing cancellation due to students being 'at risk'. A Year 12 student at the school brings her baby to class.

    Mail Online
  • African teenager's gang invaded a family home and beat up the owner

    Ajok Mayen, 19, raided the home in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne with five other African youths in April last year. They woke up the owner, pinned him down and bashed him.

    Mail Online
  • NT film festival cancelled as cars damaged by group of teenagers as young as 11

    A film festival was cancelled in Alice Springs after almost 40 cars were damaged in a rampage by teenagers, one of a series of incidents prompting the Northern Territory to crack down on youth offenders.

    Mail Online