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  • School apologizes after students recite Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish...

    Two days before Thanksgiving, the principal at Fairfax, Virginia’s Westfield High School introduced a new program to encourage students to learn the Pledge of Allegiance in different languages. A week later, the principal reportedly canceled the program and apologized to students for the “offensive” idea, according to Stephanie Somers, mother of a senior at the school. Somers said her son was excited when asked to recite the pledge in Spanish on Monday, but by Tuesday afternoon the program was...
  • Former Mount Ida students suing now-closed school

    Former Mount Ida College students filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against the closed school, its board of trustees and five Mount Ida administrators.

  • Spanish Pledge of Allegiance Short-Lived in Fairfax County High School

    Spanish Pledge of Allegiance short-lived in Fairfax County High School.

  • Man who raped, murdered high school student gets ‘slap on the wrist’

    The 20-year-old Washington state killer who drugged, raped and murdered a high school student, sending nude photos of her to the teen’s friends during the attack, got less than three years in jail for the heinous crime, sparking outcry from the victim’s family. “You might as well let him walk free with that kind of...

    New York Post
  • WATCH: White high school student in Nazi jacket gets punched by black classmate

    A viral video filmed inside a Denver high school shows a white student wearing a Nazi uniform jacket getting punched by his black classmate — and research into the white student’s background showed he posed with other anti-Semitic memorabilia. The Denver Post reported that the video shared by Baltimore-based graphic designer Benjamin Jancewicz was shot in August at Mountain Vista High School in the Denver suburbs. In the video, which was recorded on Snapchat and set to LL …

    Raw Story
  • Riding wave of social unrest, French high-school students vow ‘Black Tuesday’ protests

    Even as it grapples with violent demonstrations over living costs, the French government is hunkering down for a “Black Tuesday” of protests by high-school students who have jumped onto the Yellow Vest bandwagon.

    France 24
  • Professor wanted to use a student's name instead of transgender pronoun — now he's suing the school for forcing him to use it

    A college professor in Ohio is being forced to fight back against the university that is reprimanding him for refusing to refer to a student with a pronoun that differs from his gender at birth. That this is even an issue in college, let alone something that can get a university professor nearly fired, is not only outrageous but also absurd. College should be a place where students learn, sharpen their minds, and determine a vocation — not a place to engage in a debate over social justice issues...

    Washington Examiner