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  • CNN reporter stunned that Trump didn’t even read Khashoggi report before excusing Saudi prince’s role in his murder

    CNN reporter Pamela Brown was “stunned” by President Donald Trump’s statement on Saudi Arabia’s murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in which the president essentially took the side of the Saudi royal family over the assessment of United States intelligence services. “It is stunning on a number of levels,” said Brown, “particularly the fact that the president hasn’t even received the report from his intelligence community.” The CIA says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally …

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  • Appeals Court to Consider AT&T’s Deal for Time Warner

    The second run of United States v. AT&T Inc., the blockbuster antitrust fight over the telecom giant’s acquisition of Time Warner, opens on a new stage Thursday as an appeals court considers whether a trial judge was correct to bless the merger.

  • Trump’s DOJ Takes Extraordinary Step of Filing Court Document Saying Trump Shouldn’t be Presumed to Know What He’s Talking About

    President Donald Trump has made a library worth of Tweets about the Russia probe, claiming that the investigations are illegal and corrupt. It’s his favorite way of trying to excuse himself from any wrongdoing that may be found when the investigation is over.  The arguments from Trump and his most ardent enablers is that the FBI lied to federal judges on the FISA court when pursuing the warrant to probe Trump’s campaign. Trump has reiterated this claim on Twitter himself, tweeting  that “the...

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  • AT&T Gains Upper Hand On DOJ In Appeals Court Arguments Of Lawsuit Over Time Warner Deal

    A panel of three judges hearing the government’s appeal of its lawsuit aiming to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger peppered a Department of Justice lawyer with critical questions while going notably easier on the attorney for AT&T. This morning’s nearly two-hour session at the District of Columbia Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, which was live-streamed on the court’s website, included solo appearances by lawyers for both sides as well as two “amici” representatives…