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  • Uncertainty grips gay people in Taiwan as same-sex marriage goes to the vote

    A landmark court ruling left Taiwan set to become the first Asian nation to legalise gay marriage. But a national referendum driven by opponents of change could limit change The news in May 2017 that Taiwan was to legalise same-sex marriage was a watershed moment for Vivian Chen and Corrine Chiang, who could finally look forward to sharing legal guardianship of their daughter, Zola, now three. But 18 months on from the landmark victory, their hopes have been overtaken by anxiety and fears about...

    the Guardian
  • Sex, lies and heated debate: Taiwan prepares to vote in gay marriage referendum

    The social media myths are spreading as Taiwan gets ready to decide on marriage equality Taiwan is in the final days of a battle over the future of equality in the country, with conservatives campaigning fiercely against LGBT advocates over a referendum on same-sex marriage on Saturday. When Taiwan’s highest court ruled last year that same-sex marriage should be legal, supporters rejoiced after waging a years-long battle for equality. But after conservative groups rallied against the change, the...

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  • Gay Rights Plaintiff Jim Obergefell Worries SCOTUS Will Overturn Gay Marriage

    Jim Obergefell -- the gay man who took his fight to marry the person he loves to the United States Supreme Court and won -- is scared to death gay marriage could be a thing of the past. We got the plaintiff in the landmark 2015 case, Obergefell vs.…

  • More non-existent vote fraud

    Yet more vote fraud in a Democrat-controlled area. The post More non-existent vote fraud appeared first on RedState.

  • No, counting votes IS NOT stealing votes, and Florida's votes still haven't been counted

    Campaign Action Republicans are quickly whipping up their Florida base into a virulent froth, with GOP protesters descending on Broward County to accuse Democrats of committing “voter fraud.” In particular, they are targeting Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes. ”We want (Snipes) in handcuffs. We want her whole staff locked up,” protester Janet Klomburg told Miami Herald reporter Alex Harris on Friday. “This race was stolen from us.” Kudos on the hysteria, but the votes...
  • Taiwan Votes Against Same-Sex Marriage in Referendum

    The vote was organized by Christian groups

  • Legalizing Marijuana and Gay Marriage Seemed Impossible

    It is 2012 in Washington state, where voters are facing an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. The airwaves reverberate with ads on both sides. At a glance, it's not always obvious which side is which. One pro-legalization ad features an authoritative man who introduces himself as "the former chief federal prosecutor." Initiative 502, he says, "brings marijuana under tight regulatory control." In another 30-second spot, a "Washington mom" looks up from her newspaper and coffee to...