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  • Argentina's 'El Angel' is a (mostly) hypnotic portrait of a sociopath as a young man: EW review

    One of the more curious (and disturbing) magic tricks of the movies is how they can make complete sociopaths kind of likable — or at least charismatic — in a way that would never happen in real life. Travis Bickle, Hannibal Lecter, Tom Ripley, Annie Wilkes, Henry Hill, the list goes on. Thanks to director Luis Ortega’s darkly comic new Argentinian import, El Angel, that list just got a little longer. Inspired by the true-crime dirty deeds of a Buenos Aires teenager in the ‘70s named Carlos...
  • Netflix unveils latest true crime offering with series on US serial killer Ted Bundy

    Netflix has unveiled its latest offering in the true crime genre with a four-part series investigating the life of US serial killer Ted Bundy.

    The Telegraph
  • 'The Clovehitch Killer' Review: What If You Thought Your Dad Was a Serial Killer?

    The bond between fathers and sons is a sacred institution of the American ideal. In the Rockwellian archetype, that bond conjures potent imagery -- playing catch, frank conversations about the facts of life, and teaching your boy the family business. But there's also a less picturesque side to the tradition of inherited masculinity. There are the fathers who beat their sons, teaching them to channel anger through violence, those who oppress their sons less conventional desires in favor of...