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  • How to rotate a photo in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

    Ever take a photo only for it to show up in the wrong orientation? Luckily there’s an easy fix. Follow along to learn how to rotate a photo in the Photos app. more

  • How to upload photos into iCloud Photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and icloud․com

    iCloud Photos is a valuable feature built into iOS and macOS that allows you to save your photos and videos and keep them in sync across all of your Apple devices. Whether you just got a new device or want to start using the feature for the first time, follow along for how to upload photos into iCloud Photos from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and icloud․com. more

  • Photo of two California grooms named one of the best wedding photos of the year

    The play of light, shadow and landscape can elevate the run-of-the-mill wedding photo to art object. The contenders of this year's International Wedding Photographer of the Year contest capture the kisses, the toasts and the flying confetti. The winning images will send hearts singing - even those belonging to viewers unaffiliated with the bride and groom.

  • CES 2019 In Photos

    Some of the standout scenes from CES 2019, which was larger, noisier, and crazier than ever. The post CES 2019 In Photos appeared first on ExtremeTech.

  • Photo: Why are cardinals so conspicuous?

    You'd think a bird might want to blend in a bit to avoid predators; but for the male cardinal, the brighter the better.

  • In photos: Protests in France

    An estimated 50,000 people demonstrated across France on Saturday, January 5, In the first major gilet jaunes, or "yellow vest," protests of the new year. Saturday marked the eighth consecutive week of protests throughout France.

  • PHOTOS: Government shutdown

    The standoff over President Donald Trump’s demand for $5 billion to build a border wall with Mexico has resulted in a government shutdown that is running into 2019.