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  • Why pro athletes may lose a fortune because of the new tax law

    Pro athletes say they will lose fortune under tax law... (First column, 5th story, link) Advertise here

  • Google May Shutter Google News in EU Over 'Link Tax' Laws

    According to a Google executive, the company is considering shutting down its Google News portal in Europe if the latest copyright changes, known as the "link tax," go into effect. The post Google May Shutter Google News in EU Over ‘Link Tax’ Laws appeared first on ExtremeTech.

  • Multi-millionaire pro athletes complain Trump tax law costing them a fortune

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 7, 2018 Professional athletes who make tens of millions of dollars a year are complaining they will lose thousands of dollars a year under President Donald Trump’s tax law. “One of my players makes $2 million a year, and it will cost him $80,000 more now because he can’t deduct state [

    World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  • Florida Republican is in hot water over big loans he admits may have violated law

    On Saturday, GOP Rep.-elect Ross Spano of Florida admitted to the Federal Elections Commission that he’d borrowed $180,000 from two individuals he described as close friends around the same time that he loaned his campaign $167,000, a move he admitted “may have been in violation” of federal campaign finance law. Several election law experts who spoke to the Tampa Bay Times agreed, pointing out that loans made to candidates with the intention of helping a campaign need to adhere to campaign...