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  • Shannon Beador Exposed Having a Secret Boyfriend!

    At the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge claimed to have caught Shannon Beador in a lie. Tamra claimed that Shannon had been seeing a boyfriend while filming the season, but kept him secret so she could "play the victim card." She lays out her claims in the shocking video that we have attached. At the reunion, Tamra Judge lobbed a bombshell accusation at Shannon. The former friends feuded on camera as Tamra claimed that Shannon had kept her secret...
  • A viewer’s guide to football on Thanksgiving and avoiding your family

    We know you’ll want to steal a few moments away from family this Thanksgiving. Here’s what NFL and college football games to watch. Hello friend! Happy Thanksgiving to you. Today is a very important day of food and family and friends, and devising ways to mitigate all of them with football. How you strike that balance is up to you. Just know that there is a lot of football here for you — NFL and college! — for whenever you need to escape something: dry turkey, family disputes, show-and-tell...
  • The College Football Playoff’s biggest flaw is being exposed

    College football has a Central Florida problem. It’s also an anyone-but-Power-5-conference problem. There is no room for Cinderella in the sport, no shot for the little guy to play for a championship, no chance to replicate basketball’s version of March Madness that has become so popular. Central Florida has become the poster child for this...

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  • Week 14 fantasy football chat: Thursday, noon ET founder Tony Holm offers expert advice and helps you set your lineup for Week 14.