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  • In this time of global warming, we now have a Global Cooling Prize

    Big bucks go to the teams that come up with an air conditioner that's five times as good.

  • 'Angels' bring sleuthing skills to California disaster

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) " They have become known as the Angels of Paradise. But there is nothing ethereal about them.They are online sleuths who know how to find people, and they have been putting their skills to use in the aftermath of California's catastrophic wildfire.In the dark days that followed the Nov. 8 inferno, the deadliest in California history, social media filled with posts from people trying to contact loved ones from the Paradise area.Panic spread as the [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • 'Angels' bring sleuthing skills to California disaster

    In the aftermath of California's catastrophic wildfire, online sleuths known as 'angels' bring their skills to Paradise to reconnect friends and family with survivors.
  • Martin Armstrong: Global Cooling, Not Warming, Is What We Should Fear Most

    Authored by Martin Armstrong via, It is incredibly important to understand that as the weather turns bitterly cold in the north, people will begin to migrate south. This not merely caused the ancient Greeks to become the Sea Peoples, but during the Year without a Summer in 1816. In the United States when in 1816 six inches of snow fell in June and every month of the year had a hard frost, people began to migrate. The temperatures had dropped to as low as 40 degrees in...

    Zero Hedge