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  • Great snowy breaks around the world: readers’ travel tips

    Snowshoeing and tobogganing are two of our tipsters’ snowy fun favourites but being chased down the street by demons also gets a look in This is a stunning area of Lombardy, high in the Alps. From the top of the Valmalenco cable car we followed snow trails through the woods to the enchanting Lago Palù, where we walked across the frozen lake to a little igloo with ice table and stools. Fifteen minutes further on we reached the cosy Rifugio Palù overlooking the lake below, where we stopped for a...

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  • Travel deals: Save $300 on an around-the-world trip and up to 50 percent on a Bermuda hotel

    The week's best bargains around the globe.
  • Lesbian Couple Calling for Same-Sex Marriage in Japan to Get Married 26 Times Around the World

    We live in a hypocritical, confusing society where we raise children to believe that people who love each other get married, but when they become adults, tell them that marriage is only a right for people of different biological sexes. One lesbian couple in Japan, where gay marriage is not recognized, is pushing back against this bigotry by planning to marry 26 times across the world in nations where same-sex marriage is legal. Their hope is to call attention to the nation’s policies and...

  • The world's funniest wedding photos from around the world 2018

    From interruptions by horses and camels to dressed up dogs, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers received a deluge of submissions from around the world.

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