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  • XFL Restates It is Not Restricted by NFL Eligibility Rules

    The XFL could provide some players with a direct path to pro football.
  • 'Kings' of the Battle of the Bands look to rule 2019

    2018 gave 21 Kings a big bump locally when the group surprisingly won the JC Studios Battle of the Bands in September. The rock 'n' roll trio 21 Kings plans on a big 2019, which they'll be kicking off this Friday, Jan. 5, at Downtown Jersey City's FM Bar & Lounge. Guitarist/singer Stefan Iseldyke, bassist/vocalist Jon Nicosia, and Jon's older brother, drummer Steve Nicosia, have been playing together for a few years, trying to gain traction in scenes like...
  • This Nintendo Switch was modded to look like a GameCube and it rules

    The GameCube has a timeless design. That iconic, cubic form. That gray front panel that welcomes controllers. The handle on the back for east transport, for some reason. Well, Reddit user Littlewolf128 decided to pay tribute to the 2001 console by modding their Nintendo Switch dock to look like a spice orange GameCube. It looks so good. SEE ALSO: An engineer designed two Nintendo Switch controller adapters to help make gaming more accessible Not only does it look amazing and actually work,...