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  • The Latest: Tsunami alert for southern Alaska after quake

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Latest on the earthquake in Alaska (all times local): 9:25 a.m. Photographs posted to social media sites showed damage that included collapsed ceiling tiles at an Anchorage high school and…

  • The Latest: Mudslides now a risk for Southern California

    Cool weather is helping fire crews increase their containment of the Northern California deadly blaze that razed a town and killed at least 56 people.
  • Nubia's latest gaming phone comes with up to 10GB of RAM

    Mobile gaming has come a long way from Candy Crush, with more graphically intense games and esports coming to smartphones in recent years. Chinese manufacturer Nubia is looking to service the gamer-on-the-go with its Red Magic Mars smartphone, a devi...

  • In its latest patent, LG's phone wraps around its edges

    The foldable phones territory is still unexplored, so OEMs are still experimenting with the design. LG's latest patent seems like something worth exploring although, we don't know if it would make it to broad daylight as most patents don't. The sheet describes a phone that can wrap around its edges and a magnetic snap keeps the display attached to the back side of the handset. When unfolded, you can take advantage of the full screen real estate for a tablet-like experience and when wrapped,...