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  • Donald Trump panics, Gives up in front of the entire world at G20

    This weekend at a joint G20 appearance with the President of Argentina, Donald Trump literally wandered off the stage in the middle of things, leaving everyone confused. The entire situation was very unnerving for those involved, but it’s even more complicated that originally thought. He’s wandered away from his motorcade, joint press conferences, signing ceremonies and other meetings in the last several months, each time making those around him question his mental state. His staff have had to...

    BlueDot Daily
  • Donald Trump v the world: US tariffs in four charts

    From Spanish olives to Chinese aluminium, no corner of the world has been untouched by US trade tariffs.

    BBC News
  • Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump are in the hot seat over Trump Tower Moscow

    As Bloomberg reports, the latest revelations from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen only tend to solidify the idea that the Russians held Kompromat on Donald Trump. It wasn’t just that Trump was in the midst of making a deal to put his name on the tallest building in Moscow—with a $50 million penthouse reserved for Vladimir Putin—at the same time he was running for president. It was that the Russians knew that Trump was trying to make this deal, at the same time he was denying trying to make...