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  • Good news, bad news on first week of 2019

    And the latest good news is a new round of big-time oil price rollback projected this weekend at the earliest. by Marichu A. Villanueva
  • Brickbat: Talk, Talk, Talk

    An Argentine radio host has agreed to a plea deal that requires him to have a feminist guest on his show each week for five months. Angel Etchecopar must let the women speak for 10 minutes without interruption and cannot criticize them after they leave. Prosecutors had charged him with making "disrespectful, insulting, denigrating and discriminatory" remarks about women on his show.
  • Amazon France Under Fire for Destroying Perfectly Good Unsold Goods

    A report also showed drone footage of discarded items headed to incinerators or landfills, which environmental activists denounced as an

  • December Payrolls Preview: Beware "Good News Is Bad News"

    While the government may be closed, the BLS is one of the agencies that managed to secured funding, which is why tomorrow at 8:30am ET the December payrolls report will be released. Consensus expects +180k payrolls with average hourly earnings seen falling to 3.0% from 3.1% while the jobless rate remains unchanged at 3.7%. While the report is unlikely to make a major dent in market sentiment, especially if it disappoints as trader mood on the economy is already quite dismal, it is safe to say...

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  • Bad news for Apple will be good news for Apple buyers

    Apple has issued its first profit warning since 2002, and the first since the company entered into the smartphone era. But a situation that might be gloomy for investors will be good news for those who want to buy Apple products.

  • The good news and bad news of HP’s new AMD Chromebook

    Good news: HP made an AMD Chromebook. Bad news: It uses an old chipset. Meet the new HP Chromebook 14. This is one of the first Chromebooks powered by an AMD processor. But don’t get too excited. This isn’t the AMD-powered Chromebook a lot of people were waiting for. This Chromebook is powered by a [

  • Good News, Everyone: Noah Centineo Looks Great in Good Trouble

    Peter Kavinsky would never forget his roots. Noah Centineo, who became the internet's new boyfriend after starring as Peter Kavinsky in Netflix's To All the Boys I've Loved

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