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  • GOLDMAN SACHS: Hedge funds have plunged into a 'vicious downward cycle' with the most popular stocks, and it's a sign the meltdown is just getting started

    The average hedge fund is underperforming year-to-date, dragged by the sell-offs in popular tech companies, according to Goldman Sachs.  Goldman's analysis of funds' third-quarter activity showed a continued rotation towards more defensive sectors of the market.  Several strategists are advising investors to increase their cash levels heading into 2019. Not even hedge funds have been able to escape the ongoing correction in the stock market.  The average equity hedge fund is down 4% this year,...

    Business Insider
  • What Do China And Goldman Sachs Have In Common?

    Via Jesse's Cafe Americain blog, Gold is not only flowing from West to East. It is also flowing into the house account at Goldman Sachs.  Or at least the paper claims for it in New York. Below is the monthly report showing the large amounts of physical gold which have been steadily flowing through the Shanghai markets into strong hands in China. Few commentators are talking about this. What is less familiar, and what I have not read about much, is the very large amount of gold that...

    Zero Hedge
  • Goldman Sachs Clashes With Italy

    Accuses Italy of casting a dark cloud over Europe's market
  • Why Goldman Sachs Stock Is Tanking

    Shares have recorded their biggest drop since 2011.