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  • Ship traffic, December 5

    Ship traffic Due to arrive today SHIP FROM PORT Arietta Portland, Ore. PBG Daniel K.Inouye Honolulu OAK Ever Smile Los Angeles OAK Garnet Leader Port Hueneme, Ventura County BNC Horizon Pacific Honolulu OAK Island Princess Cabo San Lucas, Mexico SFO MOL Modern Los Angeles OAK Shanghai Highway San Diego BNC YM Unicorn Los Angeles OAK Due to depart today SHIP TO PORT CAP Capricorn Long Beach SFO Cape Kortia Tokyo OAK Horizon Pacific Los Angeles OAK Humber Bridge Tokyo SFO Island Princess Cabo...

  • Walker will close its doors

    Invariant signs ACLI — Blue Origin hires Barnes & Thornburg

  • 5G: What to know, why you should be excited, and how it will impact you

    5G is coming soon. And although it seems pretty clear Apple is going to skip the next-gen wireless service in the 2019 iPhone, most Android manufactures have made one thing certain: they’ll have at least one 5G offering as early as summer 2019. We’ve been hearing about how 5G is bringing the next-generation of wireless service for years now. However, with casual internet browsing already at incredible speeds, paired with healthy download times on even the largest 4K movie and TV files, it seems...