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  • NRATV's Dan Bongino: Democrats responding to Trump being implicated in a felony are "doubling down on police state tactics"

    AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Let's bring in Dan Bongino former NYPD officer, former Secret Service, agent author of Spy Gate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump. Good morning to you. Glad we're bringing up your book because the title is basically what we're talking about. They want to lock him up, they want to push jail time on him, you hear all these Democrats on the Sunday shows. What's your reaction?  DAN BONGINO (NRATV): You know, Ainsley, this is really scary stuff. I mean, I'm not...

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  • Police tactics and community relations under scrutiny

    Readers air their views on the Metropolitan police The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) says “Ultimately, no police tactic can ever be used with impunity in a country where we police by consent…” (Inquiry into Met driver for ramming moped suspect, 4 December). A pity that the IOPC and its predecessors have done so little to make this a reality with regard to deaths arising from the other tactics it mentions, such as restraints and guns. Ramming suspects on motorbikes is not an...

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  • Man in custody after police respond to barricaded home

    Police in Massachusetts say a suspect is in custody following a police standoff against a man barricaded inside a home.
  • Church Donates Tactical Gear To Police Department

    Officers with the Littleton Police Department are receiving what could be a life-saving donation on Wednesday. The donation brings together a local church and the organization Shield 616.