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  • Don’t Blame Trump for GM’s Layoffs—Blame GM

    The auto industry shaped and sustained the retrograde world which it now finds itself having to navigate out of—and U.S. consumers went along for the ride.

    POLITICO Magazine
  • WATCH: President Trump threatens GM with cuts, Ivanka Trump speaks out on emails

    President Trump threatens to cut subsidies to General Motors in response to its layoffs, Ivanka Trump says there's "no equivalency" between her and Hillary Clinton

    ABC News
  • Trump's threat to cut GM's electric-car subsidies is completely meaningless (GM)

    Following GM's announcement that it would idle several US factories, Trump tweeted that the government could cut the carmaker's subsidies on electric vehicles. EV "subsidies" are actually tax credits, and they aren't part of GM's long-term EV strategy. The US auto industry has gotten what it wanted from Trump in the form of weaker MPG standards and corporate tax cut, so his leverage with Detroit is fading. On Monday, General Motors announced that it would idle a total of five factories in the...

    Business Insider
  • GM warned Trump that his China tariffs would hurt jobs. He now complains that it's happening. (GM)

    Trump is railing against GM's decision to close plants and axe up to 14,000 jobs, despite the role his trade war played in triggering the events in the first place.   GM has warned about tariffs hurting jobs and wages earlier this year. But cited demand and other factors when announcing the job cuts.  Trump criticized GM's decision to abandon its plant in Ohio, a state that voted for Trump in 2016.  US President Donald Trump is railing against GM's decision to close plants and axe up to 14,000...

    Business Insider
  • Trump threatens to slash GM subsidies after the automaker announced layoffs, factory closings (GM)

    President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to cut subsidies to General Motors. The threat came a day after GM announced plans to halt production of cars and parts at factories in Michigan, Maryland, and Ohio. "The US saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!" Trump tweeted. "We are now looking at cutting all @GM subsidies, including for electric cars." A tax credit to GM consumers who buy electric cars was already set to be slashed in 2019. President Donald Trump on Tuesday...

    Business Insider
  • Conway defends Trump over GM closure: 'The president doesn't run GM, he runs the country's economy'

    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday defended President Trump after General Motors announced the possible closure of five plants, four of which are in the U.S.Conway said that Trump had created a "reco...

  • GM looks to be making peace with Trump after he attacked the automaker's decision to idle US factories (GM)

    GM and Trump have butted heads over GM's decision to idle numerous US factories. GM isn't going to change its plans, but on Tuesday it affirmed its commitment to US manufacturing. It remains to be seen whether Trump will back down. On Monday, General Motors announced that in 2019 it would idle a total of four US factories and one in Canada. On Tuesday, President Trump decried the decision. Now, GM appears to be cooling off the situation by noting its ongoing commitment to US manufacturing — and...

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