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  • On shutdown, Trump gets one thing right: 'We are getting crushed'

    Some in the White House still think they're winning the political fight over the shutdown. The evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

  • Annual list of words to ban wants to get rid of Trump's favorite word in 2019

    Even our vocabulary needs a fresh start for 2019. This has been a rough year in so many ways, even for the words we use — and particularly for those that President Donald Trump is constantly tweeting out. That's why one group is proposing we ban the word "collusion."  Lake Superior State University has unveiled the 44th edition of their annual "List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness" and while it's heavy on cliches, it also features plenty...

  • Another day, another look at rural Trump voters still getting hammered by his policies

    Another day, another story about a rural community, or to be specific, the Trump-supporting white portions of it, still supporting Trump despite it being manifestly bad for them. This time it's Bloomberg making the trip, and this time we're going to Clay County, Kentucky, which, like a great many other rural areas, never recovered much from the Great Recession and has not much in the way of future opportunities on the horizon. The county gets a great deal of assistance from the federal...
  • 'Racist' Obama Tweet Gets Unearthed, Trump Pounces

    In the realm of politics, given polling, partisanship, and payoffs, it’s hard to know whose — and which — words to believe. As an example, many Dems currently pointed at Trump wholly applauded President Clinton’s 1996 speech before Congress about the damage of illegal immigration (here). For that matter, Trump was a veritable media darling before he tacked an “R” to his name | Read More