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  • Brickbat: Talk, Talk, Talk

    An Argentine radio host has agreed to a plea deal that requires him to have a feminist guest on his show each week for five months. Angel Etchecopar must let the women speak for 10 minutes without interruption and cannot criticize them after they leave. Prosecutors had charged him with making "disrespectful, insulting, denigrating and discriminatory" remarks about women on his show.
  • A look to the new Congress and a talk about Harry Reid

    Mark Leibovich discusses the new term of Congress with Nancy Pelosi retaking the gavel as House speaker. Leibovich also discusses new reporting on former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer.
  • Give the gov more MTA power? Let’s talk

    We take Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s demand for more control over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority with plenty of salt. But it’s still a discussion worth having. On Monday, the gov claimed “the MTA was put together to avoid any liability for any elected official,” adding that he won’t “assume responsibility without the authority.” Like it or

    New York Post
  • Prince Harry gives girl a hug during a walkabout in Birkenhead

    The Duke of Sussex, 34, embraced Eliza Morris after seeing her sign 'Gingers Unite - I love you Harry' among the crowds at Hamilton Square in Birkenhead this morning.

    Mail Online