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  • Can a really bad Louisville team really beat UK on Saturday? Yes, it can.

    The Louisville Cardinals play host to the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018 at Cardinal Stadium. Louisville is 2-9 on the season. Kentucky is 8-3. Strange things can happen in college football rivalry games, however.

  • Can the UK get an extension on Brexit?

    Delaying Britain’s exit from the EU is one possibility – others include revoking article 50, or simply rejoining In the stormy Westminster debate on Brexit, one idea that is gaining ground each day is that the UK should seek to delay its departure from the EU. The SNP is only the latest to call for extra time: the party said on Monday it wanted an extension of article 50 beyond March 2019 so that the government could “go back and negotiate a better deal”. The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir...

    the Guardian
  • Can the UK cope with MORE electric cars?

    Regulator Ofgem has approved the three-year project led by a group of companies including British Gas-owner Centrica and Uber.

    Mail Online
  • Can The 'Yellow Vests' Protests Go Global?

    Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, When it comes to the relationship of U.S. citizens to the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C., there’s no indication that anything remotely resembling self-government is happening. Rather, the relationship is far more like that of a servant to a master. From the October post: Americans are Stuck in Abusive Relationships with Power The gilets jaunes, or “yellow vests” protests, emerged seemingly out of nowhere about a month ago...

    Zero Hedge
  • These viral Instagram workout videos have gone too far

    Are these workouts even effective?  A supercut of workout videos went viral for being — for lack of a better description — absolutely wild.  The screen recording posted to Twitter shows a trio of unsettlingly buff guys lifting weights while getting kicked in the abs, doing crunches while getting hit by medicine balls to the abs, and doing sick  crunches underwater to strengthen the abs. At one point, one of the unsettlingly buff men sprint-flails on a treadmill, while the other two unsettlingly...

  • Chloe Grace Moretz: Why fear can be liberating

    In this exclusive interview, Actress Chloe Grace Moretz opens up about succeeding in Hollywood, why she rejected her agent’s advice to take time off in the prime of her career, why fear can be liberating and the feminist lessons in the horror classic “Carrie.” Moretz’s discussion marks the debut of Mavericks with Ari Melber, a new series of in-depth conversations with artists, musicians and cultural icons.
  • What Can We Expect From The Latest Global Climate Talks?

    The COP 24 summit could be the most critical international summit on the environment since the meeting that spawned the Paris agreement in 2015.