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  • Trump lied in his very first sentence last night…plus a long list of others

    On Tuesday night, the major TV networks and Cable News carriers all gave air time to a grumpy old president, ranting and raving about Mexicans coming into the states with drugs and taking our jobs.  The man doing all the ranting was of course, President Donald Trump. Many outlets fact checked Trump before the address even took place, illustrating how incredibly predictable he really is.  He did not disappoint. -The very first sentence out of Trump’s mouth was a lie. Sitting behind his desk,...

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  • Agriculture secretary first Cabinet member to break with Trump, saying 'shutdown needs to end'

    Farmers have not gotten the same special treatment during Donald Trump's shutdown as hunters, drillers, loggers, and mortgage lenders have. Instead, they were hung out to dry, writes Axios. The Farm Service Agency has run out of funding, which has forced [Agriculture Secretary Sonny] Perdue to work with the Office of Management and Budget to try getting farmers loans. Subsidies set aside for farmers hit by President Trump's tariffs have been suspended during the shutdown. On Monday, Perdue...
  • First Arrest of Trump Era: Iran Says it Holds U.S. Navy Veteran

    TEHRAN, Iran — Iran confirmed it is holding U.S. Navy veteran Michael R. White at a prison in the country, making him the first American known to be detained under President Donald Trump’s administration.