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  • Why Russia and Assad are now ready to smash Idlib

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's truce over Syria's Idlib governate was always a joke. Now, Russia is preparing to prove it.

    Washington Examiner
  • Macron May Trigger Debt Crisis With Yellow Vest Crackdown

    Authored by Tom Luongo, The Yellow Vests have reached critical mass. And the movement has now created the perfect storm for President Emmanuel Macron. He can no longer ignore it, even though he tried to do so. And his lack of understanding of the situation as well as his open contempt for his opposition has placed him in a political vice. Ignoring the problem will only make him look weaker and more disinterested. He could address the situation, put France first and step aside for new...

    Zero Hedge
  • Southeast Asian Refugees Are the Latest Victims of Trump’s Deportation Crackdown

    Michelle Chen While the situation deteriorates at the border, thousands of Southeast Asian refugees who have lived in the US for years are facing renewed pressure. The post Southeast Asian Refugees Are the Latest Victims of Trump’s Deportation Crackdown appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • After Protests, a Bloody Crackdown in Zimbabwe

    Security forces in the country are violently crushing protests set off by the increased costs of living and the government’s failure to improve economic conditions.
  • Refugee homes in Lebanon have been flooded

    More than a third of Lebanon's population is refugees. Storm Norma's left many of their homes flooded.
  • No-Deal Brexit: Catastrophe or Cakewalk?

    Britain is trying to prove both that leaving the E.U. would be disastrous and that it has the situation under control, and it seems to be failing either way.
  • How we live together: the homeowner and the refugee

    ‘He’s now a member of the family and I’ve got back so much more than I’ve given’ Like many people, my husband and I saw what was happening in Calais and felt a need to do something. Our children had gone to university, so we had space in the house. Refugees At Home promised that anybody who came to us would be properly vetted, and they offered us a lot of support – we didn’t do it alone. Continue reading

    the Guardian