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  • Transcripts show FBI debated over Trump-as-Russian-mole for months, and why Trump hates Peter Strzok

    Why has Donald Trump devoted so many tweets to demeaning and diminishing former FBI attorney Lisa Page and attacking her relationship with former Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok? CNN revealed the reason behind Trump’s tweets on Monday morning with excerpts from congressional testimony by Page and former FBI general counsel James Baker. Those transcripts show that the question of investigating Trump as a Russian asset had been debated inside the FBI for months, until his actions following...
  • CNN's Navarro files nails during immigration debate with Trump ally

    CNN's Ana Navarro filed her nails as a supporter of President Trump, spoke about crimes committed by those crossing into the U.S. illegally during an oftentimes heated debate late Wednesday.Steve Cortes, who served

  • Donald Trump Jr slammed for posting 'zoo' immigrant meme

    Donald Trump Jr. took to Instagram on Tuesday night to push for support of the border wall. 'You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?' he said. 'Because walls work.'

    Mail Online
  • Students Hate 'Trump' Immigration, Border-Wall Quotes... Don't Realize They're From Dems

    Authored by Cabot Phillips via Campus Reform, This month, the federal government entered a partial shutdown after Congress was unable to reach a budget agreement, primarily on funding for President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border. The wall, a key talking point for Trump throughout the campaign, has been decried by leaders in the Democrat party as anti-American and immoral, among other things. But their opposition to the wall and embrace of looser immigration laws seems...

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