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  • Pentagon weighs bolstering defenses against missile attack

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is considering ways to expand U.S. homeland and overseas defenses against potential missile attack. This might involve adding a network of satellites in space to more effectively detect and

  • False alarm: Why Trump's wall "emergency" is a fraud

    President Trump’s Government shutdown is now the longest in U.S. history, with 800,000 workers now missing their first pay checks. Trump claims he is closer to declaring a National Emergency to get the money, but won’t do it “so fast”. Ari Melber breaks down how if you can delay something, schedule it or decide later whether or not it exists, it’s probably not an emergency. Howard Fineman tells Melber Trump’s shutdown over border wall funding is “probably the most glaring example of a phony...
  • Dems express alarm at Trump missile defense plans

    The top Democrats from the House and Senate Armed Services committees on Thursday indicated they were alarmed by the Trump administration’s new missile defense plans, and urged the president to avoid policies that could spur another Cold War and w

  • Ebola case in Sweden was false alarm, hospital says

    HELSINKI — Swedish health officials say a suspected Ebola case reported by a hospital has turned out to be a false alarm with tests carried out on the unidentified patient showing no signs of the deadly virus. Medical authorities said late Friday that the young male patient was admitted to an isolated emergency ward at

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